Why You Should Start Designing Engagement Rings in 2022

A wedding band surrounded by flowers and leaves

Art gets closer to universality every year that passes and every step we take. But what does that really mean? A few decades ago, you could only be a great artist if you went to a great art school – art was not measured by quality but by its reputation.

It wouldn’t make sense for a poor homeless man to make better art pieces than a rich art student, as it would destroy the foundations of an education-based society. So all those millions and millions spent on art programs, for what?

But then, we, as a society, concluded. Of course, we couldn’t distance ourselves from qualifying everything – that’s in our nature, but we started to look at art a bit differently. It was no longer “this one is better than that one,” but “look how much different they are.”

We realized that the motto “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” had more in it than just being one of those phrases that appear inside a fortune cookie. That’s where the real boom began – that, allied with a great global platform where we could show our work, called the Internet.

Jewelry design

Due to the reasons we’ve mentioned above, jewelry design followed the same path. The big brands that had all the market had to face a gigantic appearance of smaller and more individual artists selling their work online. Tiffany and Cartier had to fight Mrs. Johnson from the block (not a real fight, we know, but you get the idea).

This industry path led to another great benefit: versatility. With a more diverse range of artists, you get a more diverse range of pieces, which was the perfect marriage for online selling – where you can find the ideal piece for you, be it the best wedding ring for welders, the best bracelets for gym addicts or even the best necklaces for feeling great at a Friday night.

How to Take Advantage of It?

Now, this is where the opportunity comes along. At first, only some kind of jewels followed the trend of personalization and diversity. Engagement rings, for example, stayed, for a long time, the property of big brands.

People enjoyed the idea of having a regular and shiny engagement ring, and there was a bit of a taboo going with something more out of the ordinary. But, as it usually happens with taboos, it started to change, and in the last recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the demand for more personalized engagement rings.

That’s why now is the perfect time to enter this industry. Start by making some pieces for friends and family or just for show. Then, create a website or a profile on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or even TikTok and show your pieces.

Transmit the idea that your art has your mark, but it can perfectly fit everyone’s fingers and tastes. Then, start building your portfolio with great client stories – everybody loves that – and build your own engagement ring empire.

Say Yes!

If you do enjoy this line of work, there shouldn’t be a reason for you to try and take this step. You can even only do the designs and find a partner that helps you achieve the final product. Lastly, don’t be discouraged by the big brands – there will always be a finger for your ring!

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