Why You Should Try a Row Machine to Keep Fit While in Quarantine

Be accountable and consistant to avoid the quarantine fifteen.

A rowing machine is a very versatile piece of equipment. If you are adamant about finding your latest Fitness routine at home, you should check out a rowing machine.

Whether you’re a newbie to the fitness life or a seasoned gym rat, a rowing machine might just be the perfect tool to get you in shape.

This article will cover why a rowing machine may be your next workout buddy and the eight reasons why a row machine is your new best friend.

Rowing Machines are for Every Type of Body

The rowing machine doesn’t discriminate. Whether you are a young non-disabled fit person or an older person looking to get fit, the rowing machine could be your own best friend / personal trainer that you never knew you needed.

Rowing Machines are Low-impact on the Body

Because room machines are low-impact on the body, you have a lower risk of injury. Because using a rowing machine is safe against impact, you can work at higher intensities than if you were using a treadmill or an elliptical machine where gravity can take its toll on your knees and joints. 

This also means that you can focus on your workout’s variables without wearing about injuring yourself.

Rowing Machines Help you Burn Calories Faster 

Because rowing machines are a combination of strength and cardio, it is an incredibly efficient way to burn calories. Of course, it depends on your body weight and how hard you’re rowing, but you could burn up to 600 calories in one hour using a rowing machine.

Having A Rowing Machine is Sanitary yet Keeps you Connected

Because you’re able to work out from your own home, you’re able to keep your machine sanitary and safe while being involved in the community. 

Rowing machines offer you the opportunity to be active with each other with others through their Interactive online community. Next line in this community, you can get involved in training, competitions and even attend classes to meet others who also enjoy rowing. Being socially distant has never been so easy.

Online Workouts Keep You Plugged in to the Community Well, Keeping You Safe

Because a rowing machine offers these online workouts, you can stay connected to the workout and fitness community without worrying about compromising your health or the health of your loved ones to maintain your fitness. 

It doesn’t make sense to put yourself at risk for your Fitness when you could put your health in danger. That’s why a rowing machine is an excellent option during this time.

Rowing Machines Inspire a Competitive Edge in Even the Most Novice Rower 

Once you start rowing, you may find that you get a little addicted to beating your own time. Rowing machines offer great avenues for improvement. Even on a day-to-day basis, you will be able to see how your diet, sleeping regiment, and life affect your skill on the rowing machine. In this way, you’ll be able to become more efficient with your workouts faster.

With a Rowing Machine, it’s Easy to Track Progress

A rowing machine and its workout Community makes it very easy to track your progress. The rowing machine can keep up with your times you lapse and how long you’ve been rowing for this way. You can measure your progress at a simple glance.

Full-body workout Without Straining Joints

Rowing machines don’t just engage your arms because of the rowing motion. You’re using the largest muscle group on your body — your lower body muscles. 

Engaging these lower body muscles means that you’re going to be able to burn more calories faster. Be sure to keep your core engaged so that you can use it to take care of your posture and have even better results.

Best Rowing Friend Forever

In conclusion, the rowing machine makes having a fitness routine incredibly accessible. Not only will this machine become your favorite way to work out, but it might also just become your favorite form of connecting with others. In this way, your rowing machine becomes a great buddy. 

You can track your progress, it can keep you up-to-date on New Road and techniques, and it can encourage you to improve your skills. If you haven’t tried on a rowing machine, go ahead and get on this BRFF train to a fitter body in 2021. 


Written by Jacob M

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