Widespread Public Support for The Karn, Founder of Wecript after Social Media Backlash

Aren’t there times when we get into the safe zone mode just out of fear? Aren’t there times when our intuitions point towards the right, but we ignore the voice? Yes! Well, we do encounter such situations in our regular life. And, if you are into the media, these situations are quite common.

The Karn and his first Made In India private search engine “Wecript” have been featured by a lot of media houses. Little did the Karn know that his noble thoughts would be questioned and his unique concept would be a butt of jokes over the Internet. People didn’t hesitate to question the mere “Made In India” concept and made fun of the company’s vision.

This aggravated the common man who believed in their voices. This also drew the attention of the social media influencers, leaders, and celebrities who stood by The Karn and Wecript. Thanks to the public echo that let the story of Wecript be heard and reach millions of people who have been longing for data privacy for ages.

The sKarn Robotics took a step forward towards the “Make In India” and “Digital India” initiative by introducing Wecript to the common people. Wecript is a private search engine that lets you browse keeping your privacy intact. No longer you have to be worried about your data being shared with others. The Wecript search engine runs on their inbuilt browser and it has unique features like private download manager, clean design, app lock, reader mode, etc. The in-built Wecript browser prevents data tracking and data leakage, thereby securing personal information.

It’s time to browse safely and securely. Thanks to The Karn who understood the pulse of the Internet users and knew how data leakage could be a threat to the entire nation. Wecript isn’t just a move towards development but a threat to other Search Engines to respect the users’ privacy and stop sharing the information illegally.

Many indian and global investors are also showing interest in this startup. Remember, it takes one voice at the right pitch to start an avalanche.

The Karn, founder of Skarn Robotics and Wecript, India’s first private search engine extends his gratitude to all the noble souls who believed in him and stood by him during the difficult times. It was the love and support of the people that gave him strength to move forward with the Made In India initiative. He also adds that change is the only thing that’s constant and one must gradually adopt changes for a safe and bright India.

It is time to support tech startups like The sKarn Robotics (https://skarnrobotics.com) and their made in India first private search engine Wecript, its an excellent move towards the Make in India initiative. Check out their latest products and new features- https://wecript.org.

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