William Goodall, Founder Of Online Cannabis Brand Bay Smokes, On Overcoming Daily Obstacles On His Path To Success

It takes struggle to find success

A plethora of new thriving businesses have found their way to success over the last decade as more and more state governments in America vote to legalize both the medicinal and recreational uses of marijuana and other forms of plant medicine.

For Miami-based, 22-year-old William Goodall, a lifelong passion for plants, medicine, and science has led him to an entrepreneurial career selling a highly varied line of marijuana products and accessories.

His business, Bay Smokes, has grown to become much more than simply another brand of marijuana, as a culture is forming around the company thanks to Goodall’s entertaining and educational Instagram presence, which has amassed more than 215,000 followers.

“I’m very grateful for everyone following our pages on social media,” Goodall shares. “It’s exciting to be doing something you love and growing a following and brand around that.” His content includes tips on which strain of marijuana works best for certain types of people, how to properly roll a joint, and many other tips he has learned throughout the years.

For Goodall, being able to help his customers’ lives improve in any way possible is the ultimate goal. “I like to create products that I personally use and love, so to hear others enjoying our products, too, makes me very happy.”

Goodall grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he first developed his soon-to-be lifelong passion for medicine and science. Attending college for biomedical engineering at Arizona State University, it only took a year for him to realize that college life was not a fit for him, as he felt his entrepreneurial spirit could take him to much higher successes.

Wandering throughout California and eventually landing in Miami, many years went by where Goodall wasn’t finding the success he had hoped for.

“We were learning a ton during that period, but money was tight, and the occasional thing that would work out only really gave us enough money to get to the next minor success,” Goodall recalls. By his side, the whole time, and even today, was Goodall’s partner Katiana. Together, the two kept their eyes on shared long-term goals and maintained hope and a hard work ethic.

“It takes giving your all for as long as it takes to get what you want,” Goodall shares on the key to entrepreneurship. “For some people, that’s months. Some take years, or even decades.” Reaching levels of success many entrepreneurs don’t reach, Goodall accredits a lot of it to the strong female role models in his life.

One of these role models is Katiana, the business and life partner who has been by Goodall’s side through the good and the bad. The other: Goodall’s mother. “My mom was not passionate about what she was doing [for a job], so she went back to school and became a dentist in the middle of her career,” he shares.

Seeing his mother have the drive and motivation to make such a dramatic and difficult change in her life was just the inspiration a young William Goodall needed to know he could achieve whatever he set his mind to.

On top of running Bay Smokes, William Goodall and Katiana Kay also run their own marketing and management company and a content creation business, keeping them busy at all times. “I work 15 hours daily to grow our companies,” Goodall states proudly. “It’s exciting because I love learning, and I feel like I learn so much by asking myself every day: ‘How can we do this better?’.”

Check out of some Bay Smokes most sought for products like their, Delta-8 Vape Carts and Delta-8 Gummies. But you can browse the rest of their massive selection on their website.

Follow Bay Smokes on Instagram: @baysmokes

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