Winners Inc. and the Future of Online Sports Betting

As of May 2018, a Supreme Court ruling changed sports betting in the United States forever. The decision makes sports betting legal on a federal level while leaving intact states’ right to legislate betting locally. This change left the legality of sports betting in the hands of the states, and residents have never been more enthusiastic. Since the Supreme Court ruling found the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act violated the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, it has been game on for many states. Winners Inc.’s Vegas Winners is stepping in to bring online betting to more users and to provide them with high-quality analysis and data-driven sports picks.

Users are finding more comfort with online sports betting, and the reasons why include:

The convenience of placing bets on your schedule in a way that traditional betting does not allow
The ability to regularly claim bonuses and perks from online sportsbooks
Payment solutions that may allow for credit card use, e-Wallets, and transfers in some cases
Online casinos and sports betting allow users to browse numerous betting options and competitions
Fewer limits on the number of bets sizes gamblers can place
Broad access

State Availability of Sports Betting

While some states still allow only in-person betting, sports betting is legal in nearly 20 states. However, retail sports betting is available in these places, while some contemplate legislation that would allow the online ecosystem to expand.

Like in the state of Florida, some legislatures are in consideration for legalization but have not yet passed sports betting legislation. Many residents across the U.S. are active in petitioning more states to allow them to get in on the action.

Meanwhile, some states have a bit of an online gambling limbo. In some cases, they allow total mobile betting although in-person signups are a requirement. There are even some areas where limited mobile betting options are in effect.

When Vegas Winners entered the New Jersey online sports betting landscape, it did so in a big way. The Winners Inc. team is making diligent strides to apply for licensure in additional states, and the company’s New Jersey deal is further evidence of that.

A Safer Gambling Ecosystem

Bettors are enjoying online gambling in growing numbers. Of course, this means that they want to have the safest experience possible. Opening an account with a gambling site and making real-money deposits shouldn’t feel like a shot in the dark. Users often wonder about the security of their accounts and if their money will stay put or disappear. Payouts are an essential part of winning, and knowing that you can trust payment systems is vital.

Online sports gambling is increasingly safe, and as more reputable names carve out a presence, trust is building steadily. Consequently, Winners Inc. brand Vegas Winners executing an agreement with a major blockchain-based online casino and sportsbook took security to another level. User verification is faster and more secure with blockchain tech. In addition, the company aims to make use of smart contracts and custom live dealer games. While bettors love the feeling at game time of knowing they made a winning pick, they need the confidence of secure platforms to do it regularly.

Decentralizing the current system may improve transparency and trustworthiness overall. Protecting sensitive customer information is not the sort of thing a company can skimp on, so this development appears to be significant for the market.

The Economic Engine of Online Sports Betting

As more states bring online betting on stream, the conversation around economics grows. Many locations are finding that sports wagering can be an economic engine. The new revenue is why many states are advancing the dialogue around legalization.

States can use the revenue to fund youth athletics, schools, and many more ventures. Having the resources and guidelines in place is part of how these states can make the most of this growth.

The online sports wagering market has generated more than $871 million in tax revenue since the 2018 Supreme Court ruling. As a result, it has given tremendous momentum to the sector.

Winners Inc. is leveraging its expertise to carve a path in the multibillion-dollar gambling industry. If the future of online sports betting embraces blockchain technology, this company could outshine the competition.

Online Sports Betting Might Be America’s Favorite New Hobby

More sports lovers and gamblers found themselves with additional time at home during the height of the pandemic. As a result, there were waves of first-time gamblers looking to get in on the newly legalized hobby in their state.

Turning fun bets into a full-blown pastime might be the beginning of gamifying money. Bettors love to win cash, and now that it’s easier than ever, the market for it is growing. Bonuses and deals from sportsbooks are everywhere, but the top picks draw on data-driven analysis.

Sports fans love to talk about their favorite teams on game day, and when they can win some cash, it’s an even sweeter victory. The top picks may even give bettors that fire of knowing they were right all along on their picks. These online avenues for betting even have a leg up on retail shops. Online, more people than ever can sign up and get in on the action quickly and securely.

Winners Inc. says that estimates place 60% of the U.S. population having access to legal sports betting in 2022, so excitement about the industry is growing. According to projections, if that number continues to grow, 83% may have access in 2023.

The revenue growth potential in the industry is fuel to Winners Inc. The company also looks toward commissions on traffic to gaming operators.

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