With BalochTech & VshGap, Chiragh Baloch Revolutionizes The Tech Industry

Balochistan is an ex-princely state of Pakistan known for chaos. The Balochi community has suffered a lot due to insurgencies and several riots over the years. With so much going on, there is hardly anyone who has the will and passion to do something that would make the community proud. Today, we are going to talk about Chiragh Baloch, who is redefining the way the world looks at the Balochi community with his talent and innovations.

After completing his Master in  Information Technology from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Chiragh has been working for the betterment of his society. He has founded several startups including BalochHost, Baloch Tech & VshGap.

VshGap is a messenger app that is very popular in the world with core users residing in the USA. It is one of a kind messenger app that doesn’t require a phone number for registration. Android, iOS, and other platforms users can send/receive messages, make free audio and video calls. The app also allows users to send documents as well as videos over the service. The app is also very secured with its end-to-end encryption service. VshGap users can also set the message to disappear after a particular time.

When it comes to BalochHost, it is a start-up providing service in digital marketing, web development, mobile application development & web hosting services. Chiragh Baloch founded this company aiming to provide its customers with the most cost-effective web hosting services with the fastest server. Users can select from a wide range of programs like Basic, premium, and professional depending upon their needs.

Apart from these startups, Chiragh Baloch also has a YouTube web-series named The Chiragh Baloch Show. The main purpose of the show is to offer a platform for aspiring actors, directors, YouTubers, artists, musicians, and others to showcase their talents to the world.

Despite achieving so much success with his phenomenal work, Chiragh Baloch still believes that he has a long way to go. He wants to help his community grow and be known for all the good reasons.

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