With His Luxury Vegan Accessories, Noel Veloz Presents a ‘Guilt-Free’ Approach to Fashion!

Committing to his insane passion and intolerance for animal abuse, Noel Veloz is on a mission to empower creative style, focus on achieving the unachievable, and bring an elegant charm in everything! The thirty-year-old entrepreneur has successfully established himself as one of a kind in the fashion industry. 

Being concerned with the animal abuse that goes behind the making of each accessory, Noel came up with an innovative and influential idea of creating a luxury vegan accessory line. Regularly creating and crafting excellent bags for Hollywood and music celebrities and top CEOs, Noel Veloz has created an individualistic approach with his brand ‘HEMINCUFF’. 

With his amazing slant in the field of fashion, Noel Veloz has gained a startling amount of fame and recognition. His unique work has earned him a name for being a designer, who is not afraid to experiment and break fashion stereotypes. His major inspiration was his dad, as Noel says,

“ When I was about five, I used to sit around and watch as my dad, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, sewed on his machine. He could make anything, from clutches, backpacks, cardholders to anything his clients wanted.”

There was this time when this remarkable entrepreneur was influenced by his dad’s impact on people, how their client’s faces lit up after seeing his dad’s creations. Now, knowing no bounds, in his career, Noel Veloz is all set to experience this craze himself, with his stunning designs and exclusive style along with a nature-friendly attitude! 

Although there was enough passion brimming through his veins, at the time, Noel had to work hard to achieve where he is today. From walking alone from 51st Street to 72nd Street while looking at every and studying every luxury boutique store window while he was interning to creating his vegan luxury brand and being recognized worldwide for his spectacular work & products. 

One can always dig in for more information, as this creative prodigy, is getting more and more fluent with his style setting a crazy ‘fashionista’ trend! To know about Noel Veloz, check out his Instagram and LinkedIn profile

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