Witness the rise of unarguably one of the finest artists of this generation –Zennic

Zennic, is a singer/songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. At the tender age of 20, he seems to have settled himself and all of his ventures. Dealt with hate, fear, setbacks and here he is. Young blood Zennic has been making some noise lately, especially after his latest release- Lost in Myself.

As a singer, songwriter and producer, he has worked tirelessly towards his end goal. He owns a record label, 20Two Records, which supports and nurtures upcoming talent like his frequent collaborators- Shivam Pandita, Biraj Anand and a few more. At a tender age, he is a visionary leader and leads a team of 8 artists.

Coming from a family of high academic standards, Zennic chose to work in a field completely unrelated to his family’s field of work. With music being his primary career, he has diversified into two start-ups and recently inaugurated his very own music studio. He jokingly claims to not be as famous as his peers but from our short interaction with Zennic, we are undoubtedly yet to witness the rise of unarguably one of the finest artists of this generation.

In his words as we quote “No matter how old or young you are, even if no one does, just believe in yourself. And also, work isn’t everything. Take out time for yourself and your loved ones. Do what you love, but not at the cost of something dear to you.”

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