Women Can Learn To Unlock Their Entrepreneurial Spirit With The Help Of This Highly Anticipated Book

There are key differences between men and women, yet when it comes to business, women are expected to play by the same rules. After launching hundreds of products, generating billions of dollars in revenue, and getting to know the ins and outs of business, three well-respected female entrepreneurs have come together to create their own modern guide, designed to give women the tools they need to succeed in a male dominated world.

Ashley Black, a number one bestselling author and 2020 ABA Entrepreneur, Korie Minkus, CEO of Rock Your Product, leading worldwide business advisor and product growth expert, international renowned speaker, and author, and Lisa Vrancken, an award winning TV producer, number one best selling author and global brand strategist, are the authors of the highly anticipated book, “BE… From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity,” launching on June 28, 2022.

The authors, featured on The Today Show, CNBC’s The Profit, Extra, Forbes and more, teamed up to write a book by women for women. A shared vision by Black, Minkus and Vrancken,BE…is far from an ordinary business book. Delivered as a tell-all, BE…is a hybrid of personal development, self-transformation, and a fueling of the female entrepreneurial spirit. Colored with candid, real-life stories from celebrity entrepreneurs to the everyday woman making an indelible mark, BE…channels the collaborative Divine Feminine Spirit to empower entrepreneurs far and wide.

Women in business face different challenges–from being taken seriously as leaders to securing investment dollars and achieving a work-life balance that truly fulfills us. These hurdles make navigating the journey of entrepreneurship more complex. The concept of the book, which is centered around women leaning into their own strengths to succeed, is something that is not encouraged enough.

That’s why the authors believe that it’s not only okay to be yourself, but it’s important to become aware of your own uniqueness and BE authentically you. Staying true to yourself and being confident in your abilities is your superpower, and it can attract abundance and open the door to opportunity.

“This is truly a groundbreaking book,” Black says, who explains that most other coaching books dive into either spirituality or business, but rarely both. “This is the first of a kind that combines spiritual aspects with business acumen to navigate the entrepreneurial journey.”

The authors encourage female entrepreneurs to tap into their Divine Feminine energy to unlock their entrepreneurial spirit.  According to Vrancken, “The Divine Femine–your innate wisdom and highest intuition is awakened when you move through life with trust, love and faith in yourself.”

Feminine and masculine energies exist within all of us, regardless of individual gender and we need both to achieve our full potential, but the world we live in has thrown us far out of balance. Minkus references,

“For centuries, women have had to suppress our essence. We’ve learned to compete in a man’s world by operating from a place of competitive energy, instead of embracing our cooperative nature. It’s the beautiful combination of both feminine and mascuinequalities that propel female entrepreneurs.”

Certain traits, such as being loving, caring and compassionate may seem counterintuitive to the business world, yet operating a heart-centered business allows you to do something you love, and adds value to the world,” says Black.

Minkus shares, “The book will help you uncover how to direct your passion and make purposeful choices, and fuel your entrepreneurial spirit.” She, along with Black and Vrancken have decades of cumulative experience in the dynamic product world, and offer their knowledge to those seeking to learn and receive.

“The more that you allow yourself to receive, the more you can give to others. When you stand in your own power, the possibilities are endless,” states Vrancken.

She and the other authors, along with every woman whose story is shared in the book, all had to learn through their own trial and error that one must focus inward to achieve true harmony and attract success in life.

This shift is what the “BE…” book will now help millions of women to uncover for themselves, because change starts with you.

If you want to channel your Divine Feminine power and use it to take your business to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. The “BE…” book offers an enriching, actionable read that uplifts, inspires, and supports women as they cultivate their passion, achieve their goals and create prosperity in the product universe.

Learn how to tap into your greatest potential and unlock the life and business of your dreams.

To access “BE… From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity,” the ultimate guide for spiritual women in business, be sure to pre-order a copy today.

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