Work While Traveling: 18 Fantastic Remote Career Job Choices for 2019

Remote jobs are becoming more common as society moves further and further into a 24/7 digitally connected world. Right now, the way we communicate is nothing like it was 20 years ago, and technology and communication will continue to evolve across all areas of our lives, especially work. More and more commonly, professionals want to have the power to be able to work from any location, and work-from-anywhere careers can be ideal for people who want to travel the globe. If you’re trying to find careers for working remotely, check out the options below – they’re unrestrictive, encourage freedom, are creative, and pay well, too. All you need is a virtual mailbox and you are ready to hit the road!

1. A Graphic Designer

Working as a graphic designer can be empowering to individuals who wish to steer clear of standard office settings. It doesn’t matter if you want to design brochures for businesses. It doesn’t matter if you want to design product packaging, either. Graphic design careers can be ideal for people who aren’t afraid to work independently and away from others.

2. A Life Coach

Life coaches can do a lot for people who have sound career and romance suggestions to offer others.

3. A Digital Marketing Consultant

Do you have savvy that relates to content development, identity branding, social media management, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and beyond? If you do, then you should work as a digital marketing consultant.

4. A Tutor

Tutors can teach people remotely. You can tutor people in subjects including geometry, English, Spanish, and even science.

5. A Freelance Writer

You can enthrall people with your writing skills by taking the freelance route. There are websites that accommodate professionals who wish to work remotely. Note that there are even big companies that only recruit professionals who work from a distance.

6. A Data Entry Professional

If you’re a focused and detail-oriented individual, you may be able to work in the data entry sector.

7. A Counselor

Online counseling sessions can do a lot for individuals who are trying to get through difficult situations. If you have insight to share, you may want to work as a counselor. You can manage counseling sessions through video conferencing.

8. A Music Producer

Music producers can easily work remotely nowadays. There are all sorts of websites that empower music producers and engineers who want to work on tracks as well.

9. A Music Mixer

Do you have listening abilities that are out of this world? You can work in music mixing. Mixing tracks can be excellent for individuals who are patient, detail-oriented, and imaginative.

10. An Editor

If you know how to proofread text like an expert, then you may be a swell fit for a career as an editor. Editing careers can be incredible for champion spellers.

11. A Website Designer

Website design vocations can be promising and enriching. If you have a penchant for contemporary website design and development, you should consider a career in web or application design and work remotely in the field.

12. A Social Media Manager

If you’re well-versed in digital marketing and in all aspects of social media success, then you can turn that into a career. Try working as a reliable and efficient social media manager.

13. An Online Seller

Careers in online sales have been pretty common for a long time. There’s nothing mysterious about that, either. You can sell all sorts of things via the Internet.

14. A Painter

If you’re equipped with impressive painting abilities, then you should think about selling your originals on the Internet.

15. A Photographer

People who have photography skills can create in-depth online portfolios. You can work anywhere on the planet as a photographer as well.

16. A Poet

Do you have a way with words? If you have a knack for putting lovely words together, you can think about posting your poems on the Internet and selling them.

17. A Dietitian

You can share your nutritional wisdom with the planet by penning a blog that focuses on health and well-being.

18.A Reviewer

Do you test out thrilling new household devices regularly? Writing and posting reviews online may help you make a living remotely.

Travel and Love Your Career

Working remote jobs can change your existence for the better. They offer more freedom for personal development, can reduce the stress of a daily commute, and save you money as well. If you want to be able to see the world and make money at the same time, remote careers are without a doubt the way to go for you. There are so many different career tracks. Whether you want to work as a freelance writer or a digital marketer, you should go for a career that puts your strengths, happiness, desire, and lifestyle first.

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