From Working Nightshift In A Factory To Chart Topping Pop Artist: The Inspirational Story About Maiba

Not everyone has topped the U.K. dance charts and worked with famous producers in L.A. But then again, not everyone has the drive and the determination that is required to do so.

Maiba, the German born artist, knows something about drive and determination. She just released her new single “Pain Is Love,” which was produced by Chizzy Stephens, well known for his work with Justin Bieber, JLO, Chris Brown and many more. Her debut album, “Unleash The M,” goes went live yesterday, August 12th, 2016.

One of the most interesting things about Maiba’s career is that her previous single, “Ego,” hit the Top 5 on the U.K. dance charts, an accomplishment many artists spend their lives trying to achieve. But how did she get to do all this stuff, from traveling the world, to working with top producers and topping dance charts? Was she born into a music industry family, or are her parents famous? Not at all. Just a few years ago, she was working the night shift at the Daimler Chrysler factory in Germany.

Q: How did you go from practically unknown to topping the UK dance charts?

A: When I finally decided to get my music out on the Internet and radio, I ran into some amazing people who saw potential in my music and me. They helped me promote it to the right stations and DJs. They seemed to like my songs a lot, since it didn’t take me long to hit the Top 5 on the British Dance Charts.

Q: What are some tactics you used to get your name on the U.K. dance charts, and launched into the music world?

A: First of all, a good song! The team working around you is also important. You need to work with people in the right mindset, and who believes in you. They need to be able to tell you if something isn’t working out the right way. It’s always great to work with name producers, but if the artist doesn’t have that “spark,” it won’t get you anywhere. I think in the end it was the whole package that created the success of Maiba.

Q: Briefly describe the hustle you have gone through as an artist trying to make it?

A: I have had that dream of becoming a singer and a performer since I can remember, but even 2 years ago it all seemed so far away. I was still focusing every minute on learning everything I needed to know about the music business and artist scene, but I wasn’t sure about giving up my “normal“ life to become a public person. In the end, I got rid of all my fears and just faced the industry with all my heart and mind.

There were ups and downs, because you never know what will happen next, or if anything will happen at all. You always need to be careful and try to make the right decisions. Common sense is very important, as there are many “sharks“ out there trying to get something from you. But once you dedicate yourself to something that is your true passion, there is no plan B!

Q: Did you ever work any odd jobs before you started with music?

A: Yes, I did many odd jobs, starting from night shifts at Daimler Chrysler, to working on a sailing boat for free just to be able to travel the world. I even worked in a call center for a telephone company, which was good money at that time. I apparently had great sales skills, so it was a convenient job. But one day, I realized that I don’t want to talk people into things they might not really need. Instead I want to give something to people that makes them happy, and lets them forget about the daily hassles of life. I feel that music does that.

You can continue following Maiba’s story, and listen to her music at, or via her social media profiles: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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