Working With Adept Global Artists, Miss Europe 2020 Has Been a Real Eye-Catcher

Gaby Guha is a real humanitarian soul with remarkable beauty. Unlike other personalities who working for gaining fame in a short span and eventually use it for making money, she has been serving society in every way, she can.

Gaby, being a young and lively personality, has been bagging several awards and honors for her name. Competing against 45 contestants, from all over Europe, she was successful to procure the title of Miss Europe in March 2020. From this point, her life changed completely. In 2019 she receives a Fashion Icon Award. It was her first award.

Gaby is a fashion icon and an influencer. She uses Social media platforms to inspire young minds and youths who are interested in the fashion world. She provides fresh and original content over these platforms.

Gaby has currently moved to Dubai, where she’s collaborating with several artists and fashion designers. She’s working with fashion designer Marmar Halim, SKS Couture as part of the Arabic Fashion Week. Apart from this, she has also worked for famous brands in the past which includes Elie Saab, Chaumet, GAP, Bossini, Triumph Lingerie, and many others. She has also been featured in magazines like Playboy, GMARO Magazine, Prestige Magazine, ICON Magazine; as a cover girl. She got twice the cover of L’officiel Magazine in 2020 (L’officiel Latvia and L’officiel Arabia)

Contributing to alleviate social problems is Gaby’s other way to serve society. She has been raising her voice for girl child protection, promoting education, and women empowerment. She has been also active in charity for these issues. Gaby herself has undertaken charity projects with the purpose of children’s welfare.

The charisma in her personality and the constant desire to bring a change in social outlook, is really inspiring for all.

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