Life gives us many opportunities and one must be daring enough to take those opportunities and turn them into success. As the saying goes Make it simple but significant, Raj Surani absolutely justifies this quote with his inspiring journey and unbelievable success from an extra to the successful dance coordinator and the director of Octopus Entertainment. Let’s have a sneak peek at his journey.

As a teenager, Raj Surani started working as an extra in Bollywood with Shah Rukh Khan’s film Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai with the song Koi Mil Gaya. He started doing it to earn some extra pocket money and soon the glamour world fascinated him and fascination turned into a passion. Raj soon decided to become a dancer as dancers would earn more money back then and Raj needed to earn more.

Raj has worked with many A-lister celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Khanna, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham, and many more. Almost all the film songs have been chartbusters like Koi Mil Gaya, Humraaz, Jeene Ke Hai Char Din, Maahi Ve, and many more. While talking about his experiences Raj says – “I have never seen SRK lose his temper on set. He keeps learning the steps till he gets it right. He’s well-spoken and never shouts. My first and last gig as a dancer was with him. You can see me next to SRK in the title song of Om Shanti Om. SRK means energy. John is style. Salman Khan has a different aura altogether. Whenever he steps onto the set, everyone goes silent without having to tell them. When it happens, you know that Salman Bhai has come onto the set.” We brought the trend of bodybuilding and six-packs among the dancers. Salman often tells me, “Tum log laaye ho yeh sab”. But Salman would often ask for me whenever he had a song schedule lined up. I have worked out with him, been to his house a number of times.”

Raj has even shot with Will Smith when he came to India. It was indeed a big moment for Raj and his team. This is not only about the star actors but he has even worked with celebrated choreographers like Bosco Martis and Caesar, Remo D’Souza, Ahmed Khan, Raju Khan, Farah Khan, etc on many levels.

While working with stars in all the big projects Raj has gained the confidence to become a dance coordinator. He has arranged 300 dancers on his own for the biggest song All The Best Title Track at a very young age. Rohit Shetty was impressed with his efficiency and unbelievable work. Since then, Raj has been succeeding in his career like anything. Reflecting on his journey Raj said luck and hard work both are important. Everyone does hard work but luck is needed. You need the right person at the right time to succeed further in life, even if it is a small piece of advice.

He became the successful dance coordinator and soon started his own studio named Octopus Entertainment and earned the respect he always deserved. Raj Surani has been working his way to success round the clock. He has been inspiring many people with his journey. He has really proved himself.

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