Writrz Block’s “One More Night” Hits 1 Million Streams

Technology is revolutionizing the music industry. There are now various options for the public to stay connected with their favorite artists at any given time. The way that the Internet works changes how people engage with artist today.

In particular, integrating technology into the music world has provided a clear option to anyone who wants to hear the evolving trends in the music industry. For instance, popularized versions of songs may become viral thanks to their placement on social media platforms.

Recent Viral Piece Reaches a Million Streams

The latest musical composition that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide is entitled One More Night. This musical piece owes its current standing and success to the proliferation of being light-hearted and easy to share which enabled it to spread quickly through social media.

Since its release via the music app Writrz Block, the song has earned millions of streams in a short amount of time. Add to that the song’s addictive melody and you get the perfect viral music video. The song’s creators are proud to say that “One more night” speaks to the contemporary soul. Global audiences from all aspects of life are attracted to its upbeat tune and youthful vibe. Also, the song was amazingly composed in only 3 hours, an outstanding achievement in itself.

The launch of social music apps

The  rise of social streaming sites is one factor that has transformed the entire music industry. Even before technology was a part of the equation, music had a profound impact on the listeners. Now in the digital age music is deemed a very important part of every day life. The music sector is just as important today as even because it reaches people of all ages and backgrounds.

Music fans are loving this new hit. This number of streams continues to increase day by day thanks to the massive power of social streaming sites and social music apps. With the the introduction of TikTok, hit songs continue to spread their influence by involving the public in dance showdowns and challenges.

Exploring the effects of music apps

The inevitable rise to fame of today’s many aspiring artists contributes to the music scene’s diversity. With the help of music streaming sites, anyone hoping to make a name for himself in the industry can do so much more quickly. Platforms such as Writrz Block exist for this very reason. Its founders believe in introducing an avenue for showcasing the creativity of unknown musical artists.

In Writrz Block, time is of the essence. Guest artists have about 3 hours or less to come up with a piece to record, eliminating the common problem of writer’s block. In the case of One more night, TikTok sensations decided to make a challenge out of this song and posted it on their accounts. The views are proof that the #OneNightChallenge has reached broad audiences in record time.

So many musical creations have become hit songs and trended on social media. These creative pieces would not have made it to a vast audience base were it not for the different social platforms.

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