YAKK is Changing The Digital Marketing Industry, One Client At a Time

Digital marketing agency, YAKK, is demonstrating their care for clients with a multitude of individualised services including personalised content creation.

YAKK’s mission is to become the largest and most unique digital marketing agency in Australia within the next five years.

During an interview, Broden Johnson, Founder and Head Sherpa of YAKK, talks more about how exactly he will achieve this – and his plans for the future. 

“At YAKK we do digital marketing, and we do it a little bit different from most other agencies in the sense that we take on a really personal approach and bring a client into the mix. We aim to do whatever we need to do to get them the best results. So my job is to build relationships with clients and find ways that we can help them.

And then we just go through that path of helping them and if we happen to be the right fit for them, in the sense that we can help them, then we do. If not, then I’ll send them on their way with a bunch of materials that they can use to help themselves, or whatever is a better solution. It’s always about looking out for what’s best for them.” Broden says. 

Of course, agencies like this don’t just happen overnight. So what went into the creation of YAKK? Broden goes on to speak about YAKK’s history and founding. 

“I started YAKK, would have been three and a half, four years ago. I started just after I had my second daughter, I just quit my job because I didn’t like it and I wanted to go out and work for myself again. I started with probably 50 bucks to my name out of my bedroom, which was fun with two kids to support and a wife,” he laughs,

At the start, I started off doing what’s called Hello Reviews, which is another company that we have now. That’s where I primarily started in, and the idea of that product or service was to help businesses look better on Google, across reviews specifically, so we help them get more reviews on Google, or Facebook.”

After the lengthy process of kick-starting YAKK, Broden’s goals for creating a unique business still hold strong and are always connected to consideration for his clients. 

“It comes back to the personal touch and the communication that we like to have. But what we’ve found is that over the years, agencies and the stories that we’ve heard of other agencies has been that they say they’re going to do something, and then they don’t always do it, or they promise huge results, and then they only come through with something not quite as expected.

So there’s a lot of false expectations in the industry and a lot of people are being misled. We want to change that so if someone comes on to our agency, we’re not going to say something and then not do it,” he says. 

Broden was asked about his plans for the future regarding YAKK. He says that most of his aspirations are surrounding improving YAKK’s services and providing results for their clients. 

“We’ve got some big, audacious goals over the next three to five years to grow the company more and more. We want to be able to be at a point where we can service any kind of client and service them really well. So a lot of the implementation we’re going to be taking over the next few years is not just going to be about providing more services, but also the one thing that we’re always working on, how we can improve these services.” Broden expresses. 

So how can people and businesses access YAKK’s services? YAKK provides easy ways to get in contact so they are available to any potential clients. 

“The best way to get in touch with us is just to jump onto our socials or onto our website. You can also get in touch with us by giving us a call, shooting us an email, and booking a time to have a chat with me or one of my team. That’s the best way to get in touch. And as a first point of contact, it’s always great for us to just strategize with the clients, that way we can start to understand what they need.”

You can find more info about YAKK and their services here.


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