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Yan Stavisski is Revolutionizing Financial Education

Yan Stavisski learned his lesson the hard way and is making sure his students have the knowledge to succeed.

With the current state of the world in 2020, it is crucial to have the knowledge, skillset, and proper education to make sure you are still in a position of value when it comes to employment, starting a business, maintaining your business, and generating income to provide for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, the skills and information needed in the real world have not been a true part of the curriculum when it comes to the education system we’ve known to be the “proper” education for the last century.

It’s no accident that unemployment rates soared to about 30 million in the US with nearly 14 trillion in consumer debt and while COVID-19 may have played a role in these numbers, the unemployment and increasing debt trend remained the same. It is a fact that our education system is outdated and the majority of people are coming out of high school and college without the skills and knowledge needed to achieve any sort of financial success in today’s economy. 

At the age of 22, Yan Stavisski graduated college with a Marketing and Finance degree from UC Berkley with the hopes of landing a high-paying job but finding himself unemployed even after nearly 100 job applications. It was obvious to him that the four years he spent in college did not prepare him in the slightest to thrive in today’s economy. Stavisski, however, always wanted to be an “entrepreneur” and start his own business which was the next move in his career since getting an actual job did not pan out.

To the young aspiring entrepreneur, Stavisski believed diving headfirst into entrepreneurship was the best way of achieving any kind of success. He had no clue as to what business he wanted to focus on so he decided to start five ventures; everything from E-commerce, Real Estate, Advertising, and a few others.

While Stavisski did not have any start-up capital, he had a very good understanding of something called “Travel Hacking,” which is leveraging credit card points to obtain free travel and for this, having lots of credit cards is a requirement. So, to start his venture, Stavisski decided to put all of the spending on his credit cards not knowing the dangers of interest, potentially damaging his personal credit, or anything other than this was his only option for success.

Unfortunately, without any skills or know-how, none of Stavisski’s ventures appeared to be moving in the right direction. In addition to that, a lack of understanding about how credit works, Yan found himself in nearly 100-thousand dollars worth of personal debt, paying the banks more money for interest payments than he was actually earning monthly. 

“Being in that much debt, not seeing any of my ventures panning out, and knowing my college degrees would not get me a decent job was my rock bottom and I knew something had to change,” Stavisski explained. Knowing now that running a business requires a set of skills and know-how, Stavisski managed to land a sales job at a tech company, “which hired me based on drive and competence, not my college degrees,” Stavisski said. His goal at this company was to better his sales skills and learn how a business is run.

Now getting laser-focus on his new sales job, Stavisski skyrocketed to the top as the top producer for the company in a mere three months. “I was working nonstop, sometimes 18 hours a day, focusing not on the money but on my skills because I knew this will take me further than the actual income long term,” Stavisski explains. With decent income now coming in, Yan knew it was imperative for him to fix his abysmal credit score of 490 and pay back his debts. “Aside from my sales job, I spent any free time I had learning how to fix my own credit and how credit actually works when it comes to using it for a business,” Yan says. 

Six months after getting his sales job and starting to learn credit, Stavisski was finally out of debt, with a great score, and more importantly, had an understanding of how to properly leverage credit while minimizing the risks. Stavisski began applying his new knowledge to fund small-scale real estate deals and this venture turned very profitable for him, allowing enough income to finally leave his job and focus on starting his own company as he originally planned but was not prepared to do. “Getting into a tough financial situation was the best thing that could ever have happened to me because it forced me to learn the things I was lacking and now that I have the skills and the know-how, I can finally go about starting a successful venture,” Stavisski stated. 

Realizing so many other young people come out of high school and college without the same proper education Yan lacked to actually thrive in today’s economy, Stavisski founded King Credit LLC, a company which educates people about the power of credit and how to not only use it correctly but also leverage it for funding a business or acquiring assets while minimizing risk. Yan’s company also teaches people about “Travel Hacking” so that traveling is no longer a huge financial burden for his students. What’s most interesting is that a lot of the teachings are delivered on Instagram. “At first, Credit & Finance can be boring topics, so we decided the best way to engage people is by delivering the teachings on the platforms where people spending most of their time anyways, and there is a low barrier to actually learning,” Stavisski explains. 

Today, King Credit LLC serves thousands of its students all around the world, and Stavisski is known to be a mentor to those thousands of young entrepreneurs. With the current state of the world, Stavisski is most excited about scaling his company to where he can help millions of young people get financially educated on how to properly use credit for starting a business, acquire assets like real estate, and travel the world for free. Stavisski finished off his interview by saying, “If you’re not leveraging Credit, Credit will leverage you.”

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