Yash Jhaveri: A vehement personality in an augmenting and advancing healthcare industry.

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Since the time covid has arrived, everyone is dealing with the devastating effects of Coronavirus and lockdown. The pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human life, an unprecedented challenge to public health and an existential threat to millions of enterprises. It is undeniable that this lockdown has negatively impacted people’s lives.

When the isolation happened everybody seemed crestfallen being stuck in their homes, dealing with depression, future anxieties and being hopeless but a few people saw the epidemic and lockdown as an opportunity and one such personality is Yash Jhaveri.

Yash is one of those who came forward to fulfil his responsibility towards the society in difficult times and categorically decided to join his father’s company ‘WeCare’ as the sales and marketing director with a motive to succeed the nation by furnishing all the preventive materials to avert the infection.

‘WeCare’ is Maharashtra’s number one manufacturing company of disposable health care items like 3- ply masks, PPE kits, isolation gowns, surgical gowns etc. WeCare is one window shop that renders all the high quality safety materials at a competitive price.

Besides, the company supplies to WHO directly along with various public and private doctors government, public and private hospitals including prominent names like Lilavati hospital, Kokilaben hospital, Nair hospital and JJ hospital in addition to assisting various donations thought non profit organisations including citizen task force, Meer foundation by Shah Rukh Khan, Smile foundation, Yuva foundation, Moneylife foundation by well known business journalist Mrs. Sucheta Dadal and private organisations like United Way and Venus.

Recently, the company has approached aviation and the railway sector, Swiggy, Zomato to offer PPE kits for their employees who are at major risk of both being infected and infecting someone else.

Yash Jhaveri has been a B.Com and BME student of ‘The School of Entrepreneurship

& Management’, ISME. Since starting, he was fascinated towards sales and marketing but thought of making it his career when he came in top 8 in Marketing Mania in the first year and got designated as the Marketing Head for Ted x ISME in the second year. Forbye, all the rural immersion trips, group projects, classes and clubs helped him learn and grow throughout. These events gave him confidence and wings to his dreams.

When Yash was asked about joining his family business he replied,”Though my father’s son, it was not a facile inception at the company. I was treated like other employees too but what made me stick out is I think my confidence, hardwork and sort of pressure being a company’s owner’s son.

I work as the company’s Sales and Marketing director and within five months of my joining, I have assisted the company boost a stupendous client base. I don’t want people to ponder that I have inherited the business from my father. I want them to recognize me by my work and my own name.

I want to flout the myth that the future of children is set if their families are rich or own a business because if you don’t have the potential to do any particular work no one will approach you, not even your family. You have to build your own place and name on your own. Family business means an already established platform but the struggle will be real”.

In addition he says,”Coming from a family business that belongs to the healthcare industry, it is my honour to serve the premium quality equipment. As the rate of covid cases was increasing, our responsibilities towards the nation and our work was also magnifying.

At the moment, I feel like there is so much I have learned and experienced while working with dad, communicating with clients daily, managing resources and overall business development but a lot more to learn and a long way to go yet. Being paid for your hard work, getting appreciation for your work, recognition in the society, it all feels worth the effort. My vision is to become a successful marketer, CRM and grow & expand our company by Initial Public Offering so that ‘WeCare’ will be acknowledged as a renowned company and a brand”.

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