Yatendra Meghwal, Founder of Loop Beats Records Directs the Newest Song, ‘Kalja Ri Kor’, Which is Topping Music Charts

Yatendra Meghwal

No matter how much ever the world has been facing right now, some things and some creative minds make sure to help people in these trying times by creating things that can spread more smiles and joy. The music industry of India and the many artists in the same have been consistently working hard towards making music that can help people keep the spirit alive and offer them great entertainment through the same.

The music industry of India has been on the rise ever since with so many new and emerging talents and one cannot help but notice the constant efforts, they put in to stand out from the rest with their music or create something magical, which the audiences can remember for the longest time.

One such music professional and a creative individual in the industry is Yatendra Meghwal, who is the founder of Loop Beats Records and the one who keeps coming up with newer music stuff that most of the times go viral and becomes everyone’s favourite.

Recently, he has come up with his newest track under his rising most music label Loop Beats Records. The song is called “Kalja Ri Kor”, giving a very Rajasthani touch that doesn’t fail to touch the right chords of the listeners. What’s even more interesting and amazing about this song is that it has been directed by Yatendra Meghwal, who has tried to put his heart and soul into it so that it directly reaches the hearts of his listeners and audiences.

Yatendra Meghwal’s music label Loop Beats Records has even in the past given many hit tracks and have shown the Indian audiences the power of the underground rap culture as well in our country. Speaking about Kalja Ri Kor, the song has been sung and written by Ricky Sharma.

It has been performed by Archna Joshi, and the music has been given by Young – H, RawZeen. It is mix mastered by RawZeen and recorded at AD Studios. The video has been beautifully captured by the DOP Parm and colourist Dilpreet VFX has made it look even more grandeur on screen.

Yatendra Meghwal not only has directed the song but has also edited the same. He looks unstoppable in his quest to take Loop Beats Records to newer heights by directing more songs and creating his unique niche in the music game.

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