YC Woody’s Recent Success and $1.5 Million Fraud Scheme False Accusation

“Woody is a young standout amongst the crowd”

The emergence of new artists in hip hop is a daily trend. YC Woody is a young standout amongst the crowd. With his unique melodic delivery and top-tier production, YC Woody looks to make the most out of a series of unfortunate events. He is from Bridgeton, New Jersey, and has been dropping consistent heat for over a year.

Since the release of his initial single “Letter to 1K,” Woody has been gaining a massive audience on Youtube, Spotify, and other platforms. Woody’s subsequent releases, “Healing”, “Locked In”, and “Durkio” have been gaining thousands of streams across different platforms. His latest song, “Durkio” has seen quick success, gaining over one hundred thousand streams in a week.

YC Woody went through a troubling ordeal last year in February when Gloucester Township Police Department joined multiple Federal, State, County, and Local Law Enforcement partners and arrested him as well as a few other suspects. The sweep included ten people who were accused of a fraud scheme of $1.5 Million, and YC Woody was involved. 

According to U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito, ten people were arrested and involved in a $1.5 Million Fraud Scheme. The further details concluded that these youngsters scammed different people through using fraudulent banking information and counterfeit checks from social media accounts on Snapchat and Instagram. They used the funds to buy luxurious high ticket items and maintain a lavish lifestyle.

They posted advertisements about making “quick cash” on social media attracting unsuspecting individuals to fall prey to a scam that would damage their credit scores and standing with various financial institutions. Some of them were accused of stealing bank information through a ruse, while others have been accused of printing fake checks that would later be deposited into fraudulent accounts.

After postal inspectors discovered stolen money orders and linked them to a series of fraudulent banking activities, the group was arrested. They were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud. 

The luxury items they bought included vehicles, watches, apparel, jewelry, and other luxury goods.

As of a report published by New Jersey State Government on February 13th, 2020, The suspects include Kayla Massa, 22, of Gloucester City; Leire Massa, 19, of Laurel Springs; Erasmo Feliciano, 19, Laurel Springs; Kevin McDaniels, 18, of Sicklerville; Andrew Johnson, 21, of Gloucester City; Dezhon McCrae, 20, of Penns Grove; Jabreel Martin, 20, of Philadelphia; Jordan Herrin, 22, of Berlin; William Logan, 22, of Gloucester City; and Alex Haines 27, of Woodbury, according to authorities.

Similar accusations have always poorly affected the career trajectory of young stars. YC Woody seems to possess the passion and hard work needed to transcend his current situation. In little over a year, Woody has released numerous visuals, a full-length project, and various other singles. With the recent release of “Duriko”, YC Woody doesn’t look like he’ll be taking his foot off the gas any time soon.

In the coming months, Woody plans to release a variety of content. Follow Woody on Instagram to keep up to date with new releases. 

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