Yoga Teacher Takes Trucking Industry by Storm 

According to, “a driver’s day consists of 14 hours during which you are to do everything that is required of you.” Driving can’t exceed more than 11 of these hours and, after 14 hours, it’s required a trucker get some rest. Legally, a trucker can drive an additional 11 hours only 10 hours after one gets off work. So, how do truckers avoid fatigue, stiffness, and pain from long hours of sitting?

The Road There

Hope Zvara, owner of Mother Trucker Yoga, is the leader of health and wellness in the trucking industry. Zvara has been a yoga teacher for almost 20 years and is now a speaker, best selling author, and owner of Mother Trucker Yoga and STIFF Mother Trucker.

From substance user to yoga teacher to trucking influencer, Zvara believes that it’s about finding where one’s gifts and talents can be best used and serving there. She was able to come out of a very dark space which consisted of addiction and loss and make it something amazing three years ago, with the launch of her business. She met a perfect stranger, and, overnight, they started a business together–a one of a kind industry.

Mother Trucker Yoga

Mother Trucker Yoga isn’t fancy. With simplicity, it targets a trucker’s biggest concerns, sneaking in much-needed stress relief, movement, breathing, and enhanced sleeping opportunities. Through simple 3-5 minute videos, Zvara offers relief from seemingly endless hours of sitting. Zvara says, “Fitness starts with the tiny little movements you do during the day and those tiny movements all add up to a whole lot at the end of the day.”

Others want to sell you long drawn out programs and exercise routines. But it doesn’t have to be this complicated. “It’s about form and function, not fast and furious.” With easy moves in the driver’s seat (chair,) sleeper (bed,) and right outside your truck (vehicle/desk,) you can feel better wherever you are. You don’t have to be a mother, a trucker, or a yogi to join the movement. Together, you can feel better, wherever you are.

Zvara helps everyday people learn how to breathe and enjoy life again. So many wellness courses come with gaps and unmet expectations. She’s spent more than half of her life creating opportunities for people like truckers (and her) to fill these needs. Her goal is to help others reach their full potential so they don’t have to struggle trying to find what works. She’s led thousands of people towards living a life they love in a body they are proud of.

Through HOPE

The HOPE Process is designed to “Help Others Purposefully Excel” by using the three Bs: Breath, Body, and Belief. This unique process was developed from extensive research on how the mind operates (or doesn’t operate in times of addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, or fear) and teaches peoples how their body works in everyday life movements. The process also focuses on how one’s beliefs or personal mindset, affect the success in our jobs, marriages, and even personal yoga practice.


Zvara just launched STIFF Mother Trucker, the trucking industry’s only pain relief cream made for a trucker’s toughest pains, but good enough for everyone. STIFF Mother Trucker Pain Relief Cream helps to stimulate the body’s natural functions to reduce pain and inflammation with all-natural ingredients. By reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow, a trucker’s body can rapidly increase the process of healing and lessen the initial and lingering effects of discomfort.

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