Young Business Tycoon of India – Parass Saluja

Young business tycoon of India – Meet parass saluja. Remember the time when you used to get pocket money from your parents and you would spend all the money in a day! Well, what if we tell you that a person built an empire with the last pocket money which he received from his father that was five thousand rupees?

Well, the person is none other than Parass Saluja, the founder of Parass Saluja Group established in the year 2019. Under this, he deals with gold and diamonds trading in Dubai, Singapore as well as Italy. Not only this but he is also involved in the stock market and further bitcoins cryptocurrency.

This man of incredible talent has always proved his versatility in no matter whatever venture he dove into. Parass also deals with information technology-based designing apps and games in India and Dubai along with his restaurants running all over India and production in the entertainment industry.

Having studied marketing from the prestigious London School of Business, Parass Saluja quotes that he learned a lot from his father about the procedure of doing business.

Born in Delhi, this 28-year-old entrepreneur started taking his baby steps at the time when he was just 17 when usually people of his age are confused about them and are involved in daydreaming.
With his sheer hard work, dedication, and above all indomitable spirit he got the opportunity to be featured in the leading publications of India.

From Forbes to Hindustan Times, Mid-day to Zee News, and Time of India, the spotlight was always on Parass Saluja, being the center of attraction in all the renowned media coverage.

However, despite achieving the heights of success and achieving milestones in every field, Parass’ journey is still miles to go because he is unstoppable. He wants to explore new horizons through other ventures.

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