Young Entrepreneur Abhishek Shukla Emphasizes Upon the Importance of Digital Marketing Post Covid

The current space age hunts for various platforms to earn money. The generation today has always been dependent upon the internet. Where there are many who keep themselves away from staying online, there are few who make the best use of it and manage to earn online.

Shortly after the covid-19 pandemic, the time has called for working from home. All those who lost their jobs have now rushed towards digital platforms. Despite of satisfactory wages to a comfortable working atmosphere, the competition online is on next level as professionals from various fields turn towards internet.

One such successful influencer and digital marketer, Abhishek Shukla, grabbed all the online earning opportunities. Coming from the birth place of Lord Ram, i.e., Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, Shukla is a not only a professional blogger but also a media promoter, and founder of a digital media portal called Bharat Trend.

Abhishek claims that internet is a vast field with immense opportunities and every other person turns towards it giving rise to huge competition. He says that one must stand out differently from others.

“Either you use your creativity or your extra skills which you learned by time to showcase you differently and better than others. Also, make your connections with the people who are already in this field. Except for this, you have to be very conscious about your content to choose each and every format for your favor, touch as many as dimensions you can,” says Shukla.

Abhishek Shukla has not only dedicated himself towards just one platform but a number of them beginning from Social media promotions to promotions through memes, website designing, lead generation and handling of social media accounts of his celebrity clients.

The influencer also shared his experience during his interaction with Postman News, of creating the Bharat Trend portal which he created during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the whole digital market was hit due to the pandemic, Shukla managed to establish himself in this field. With complete dedication, he turned out the Bharat Trend portal into a successful one. Apart from this, he owns various other digital portal and websites too.

The internet has a lot to give and only by using proper strategy, one can earn in lakhs! Be it part time or full time, who would say no to an extra source of income.

Only by dedicating 3 to 4 hours of our daily time, one can manage to earn a good sum of money from the internet and if used properly, online platforms can help individuals earn a huge amount too. Abhishek Shukla is doing a remarkable job by training youngsters.

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