Young Entrepreneur Aman Thakur Fouji Takes Fouji Group and Companies to Soaring Heights

With success comes responsibility, and Aman Thakur Fouji has shown his humane side exceptionally well during the past months when the whole globe was fighting the pandemic. We saw a few blessed souls who gave their best to help humanity and those in need during these times of distress, Aman was one of them who worked nonchalantly for the benefit of the needy. He took up his social responsibility in an extremely dignified manner and made sure that none of the people who were in distress went without support. He fed a huge population of more than 10,000 people each single day. Apart from looking after their food needs, he also helped many with shelter and also arranged for transportation of laborers and other daily wage workers back to their hometowns.

Aman comes from a political family, with his father being a veteran politician from his hometown, who has won elections by a huge margin of more than 50k votes. The family is well respected amongst hundred neighboring villages who have unanimously chosen him as their preferred candidate. Aman has also taken up the task to donate to various charity organization’s and orphanages and help the needy. The work that he has been carrying out has been commendable and worth an applause.

Talking about his professional life, he owns a huge business empire comprising of many diverse companies working under its primary group ‘Fauji Group of Companies’. The liquor business which goes by the name ‘Fauji Liquors is doing exceptionally well. Apart from this his other companies namely Sai Milk Productions, Fouji Townships Pvt. Ltd., Fouji Transportations and Roadways, Fouji Constructions, Fouji Empire and Complex builders, Fouji Hotels and Foods Pvt. Ltd., and Fouji import exports have also been in existence since past many years. Aman’s construction business has also grown manifold with him all set to introduce a 10,000 row house township apart from several other townships spread across Madhya Pradesh.

Aman is surely emerging as the most upcoming serial entrepreneur who is set to rule the Indian business arena in a big way.

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