Young Entrepreneur and Founder of NAS on Track to Making Millions Through Revolutionising Men’s Streetwear

NAS. is not just a brand, but a way of life. New Age Style, as the brand is known, emphasises the fact that they are not just a brand, but a way of life, with their pieces acting as extensions of wearers’ lifestyles. A major disrupter to the streetwear industry with innovative designs, NAS has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Within 2 years of operation, Aussie-based NAS has already saturated the global streetwear market, setting themselves up to become the next household name in streetwear.  “We’ve become pretty well-known for our menswear collections, so it’s pretty exciting to soon be unveiling our womenswear,” says founder Rony Nassi. The highly anticipated debut into the women’s streetwear fashion scene comes as NAS continues to scale their operations both at home and abroad.

“The UK aesthetic is particularly inspiring to us as a brand,” says Rony. “It’s influenced our look books so much so that we shoot all our campaigns in London working with only the hottest talent that other brands don’t have access to.” Experts in pinpointing the best market trends, NAS have successfully used these to cultivate their own distinct style whilst offering something refreshing to the fashion industry. 

Already established in Australia as the premier label for men’s fashion, NAS is fast gaining global recognition through revising timeless designs with their trademarked New Age Style flair. “I created NAS to evolve and differentiate designs within the streetwear industry,” says Rony. This vision of a new age in streetwear has allowed Rony to take NAS on its way to the top of the global streetwear industry in just over 2 years since launching by incorporating high-end global fashion influences into everyday experiences.

Fashion Never sleeps, and neither does NAS. Continually adapting and creating cutting-edge streetwear designs that challenge fashion norms, NAS has seized the gap in the streetwear industry for clean, comfortable, accessible, and universally aesthetic clothing. For a streetwear that allows you make your mark, NAS is the staple your wardrobe needs.

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