Jordan Eldridge

Young Entrepreneur Jordan Eldridge Builds an Instagram Empire in the Course of a Year

When it comes to starting with a goal to go big on a social media platform, it can feel overwhelming without any plan or creative assistance. After all, millions of people endeavoring for attention from the audience on these social media platforms.

Especially with the current pandemic situation in which more and more users are creating content to build a personal brand or become an influencer. Whether it is a company or an individual, building a brand and audience is highly competitive. Amidst all these challenges, it is pretty hard to believe when an 18-year-old becomes triumphant in the Instagram and social media space.

Jordan Eldridge is an 18-year-old guy from the USA. Doing the heavy lifting in the social media space at a very young age. He is building a solid personal brand, helping other brands to grow, and making a fortune in his teenage. Truly is a perfect example to describe “age is just a number”. 

How Jordan built an Instagram empire in his teenage?

Jordan was a highly creative person and a problem solver from the nascent stage of his Instagram journey. He always wished to have a massive following on Instagram. He was pretty determined to create content on Instagram. Nevertheless, it was the pandemic situation that accelerated the process and the growth of his page.

During the pandemic, when most of the kids of his age were playing video games and watching Netflix, Jordan had some big plans. He began creating content and almost spent 12 hours a day on Instagram. He was so determined that he joined one of the Instagram group chat known 100k grind, which had like-minded people worldwide.

He absorbed all the information and insights he learned from that group and applied them in his content strategy. The hustle was real, and in a concise period, he reached a milestone of 220K followers on Instagram. 

Jordan gathered knowledge of Instagram and social media marketing and simultaneously started applying it to his clients. An 18-year-old Instagram marketer started with small fees and now earns 20K plus currently in a month. In his initial year, he hit the $100K mark financial goal, which is unreal for an 18-year-old.

Jordan’s plans for his future endeavors?

Currently, Jordan manages promotional campaigns for his clients around the world. He started with US clients and slowly expanded to other countries within seven months of his journey. Currently, he promotes campaigns for startups and individuals who want to build their brand on Instagram.

Jordan provides cutting-edge social media strategies and fast-paced growth. He started an agency called “Epsilon” in September 2020. The agency currently serves all sorts of plants like authors, models, rappers, entrepreneurs, and business coaches. Epsilon is getting most of the clients via referrals and maintaining high retainer client success.

Jordan is looking forward to hiring some exceptional talent for his agency. He plans to scale it and register it as an LLP. Jordan Eldridge is a guy who will be known for his journey from memes to millions.

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