Young Entrepreneur Mario Selva Saw an Opportunity Where Others Didn’t

What do successful entrepreneurs have in common? They all see a gap in the market where others don’t, and they fill it. Such is the case of the Italian business owner and millionaire Mario Selva.

With a passion for learning, Selva knew that he wanted to get involved in business from a young age, and he studied at the University of Naples Federico II. Soon after graduation, Selva decided to put his marketing knowledge and strong work ethic to the test on something a little less conventional than an office job.

He started helping Amazon sellers with product branding and marketing online. Then, when Selva was in New York City, he had a brilliant idea. He saw a lady who was well into her 60s buy food online. He realized that there was a market for convenience in the States, and subsequently in the rest of the world.

So Selva decided to get involved. He started his own online store, which was a huge hit, making $180,000 in only four months. His idea was working. Once he got a taste of success, he decided to explore another avenue and get started with drop-shipping.

The idea of drop-shipping was still something of a novelty in 2018. Selva found a great product to sell and continues expanding his marketing knowledge and skill set. In only 18 months, the Italian entrepreneur had made $1.5 million. His strategy once again proved effective. He was there to spot the trends and, more importantly, act upon them.

Selva credits his success to the inspiration he received during his travels. As someone who made a large amount of money early on, he has had the opportunity to see the world. Each trip has given him something new to ponder and has demonstrated the opportunities available to those who are willing to take action.

Selva advises aspiring entrepreneurs to travel and to read. “I used to read for the majority of my day,” he recalls, adding, “I’d read any business and psychology books that helped me become the better version of myself.”

Selva chose marketing as his field of work because he loves the psychological aspect of it. “I love figuring out how algorithms work. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok—it’s all changing so fast and I love cracking the code,” he says.

Selva believes that anybody can be successful as long as they find the area that’s right for them personally. “I love psychology, so I’m excited to do marketing every day,” he says. It’s important to follow one’s passion so that work doesn’t feel like a chore. 

There has never been more opportunities in the world for aspiring business owners like Mario Selva. Thanks to the power of connection, globalization, and technology, the future looks bright for this young, driven entrepreneur, and he continues to maintain his vision for scaling his business. “As long as you continue to pursue your idea and you don’t quit, you will make it eventually. That’s the truth,” says Selva.

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