Young Entrepreneur Mohamed BDJ on Why You Should Take Time Developing Your Business

Building a business from scratch is no child’s game. It needs proper planning, dedication, hard work, and motivation. If you have a business idea, do not rush it. 22-year-old entrepreneur Mohamed BDJ advises aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their business.

In an Instagram post, he explained that when we do not eat what has not been properly developed, then how can we expect people to consume our half baked business ideas. Mohamed BDJ is a motivational speaker who sometimes loves to drop cold hard truth bombs. And this is one of them.

He implores young entrepreneurs to “develop their ideas” and not rush it. So many people are in the rush of making money that they roll out products without developing them properly. The “despair for profit,” as Mohamed says, is so great in people that they rush the process.

However, he also shares the right way of developing a business. He advises wannabe entrepreneurs to learn, listen, educate themselves, plan, and listen again. Mohamed focuses primarily on the word “listen” – listening to successful entrepreneurs, listening to feedback, listening to new ideas.

Mohamed was 19 years old when he first gave his motivational speech. He did not do this without help; he had support from his fellow entrepreneurs and guidance from his mentors. Now 22, Mohamed goes around the world, creating new leaders every day. His success story inspires many to make things happen.

But according to Mohamed’s words, “Do not rush.” Let your business develop. What can you do to develop your business ideas? Attend seminars, coach yourself, focus on your specialty, grow your value, read books, listen to feedback, and advice. When you follow the long, rewarding process of developing your value, then only can you become successful in the long term way.

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