Young Entrepreneur Shubham Saini Sets an Example for All Growing Business Minds

Having started as an entrepreneur at the tender age of 18, Shubham Saini has come a long way owing to his sheer dedication and hard work. The young and dynamic businessman from Rajasthan has been setting examples for all the budding businessmen for the past couple of years with his entrepreneurial skills and success stories.

As they say, Rome was not built in a day, similarly, Shubham too paved his way to success by acing up his grind and overcoming all the difficulties. At present, Mr. Saini is the founder of M/s SR Malakar and operates more than 10 sister organizations in the fields of construction, mining, event management, automobiles, and even marble. His businesses are growing at an exponential rate covering various major sectors of operations.

Shubham is not only a great businessman but is also a great leader. As a multifaceted entrepreneur, Shubham had to always keep a close eye on all his ventures. But as a successful entrepreneur, it wouldn’t have been possible without his team. Shubham has always been a great mentor and a guiding force to each one of them and believes in learning from his team. This quality has helped him hit the ground running and become a person people look up to.

Shubham is a car enthusiast and at the age of 18, he owned a Fortuner, a BMW, a Verna, and a Scorpio and Bolero- a remarkable feat for someone so new into the corporate world.

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