Young Founders Huzefa Vana and Milan Shah to Collaborate with Chris Gayle for His Dream Video

As everyone is now mentally ready to deal with COVID-19 and is back to shooting with all the precautions, Alliance Time Media also joined the bandwagon and is coming up with something really interesting super soon.

Alliance Time media has been known for coming up with complete out-of-the-box activities. The founders of the Alliance Time Media Huzefa Vana and Milan Shah have recently shot for a music video with none other than Jamaican cricket rockstar Chris Gayle.

The Alliance Time Media team planned the shoot during the lockdown to only give something refreshing to the audience.
“Chris Gayle has been kind enough to give his time and was also very positive for the shooting of this video,” shares Vana.

Shah adds, talking more about the shoot, “ We were looking forward to shooting and have been prepping up for three months for the same. We wanted everything to be perfect as it was Chris Gayles song.”

His music video was shot in Dubai and the results were much better than planned. Cricketer Gayle shares, “ I had a great time too shooting for the music video. The people involved and the team were kind enough to help me with various things and make me feel great and comfortable shooting. After the COVID times, I have become picky with what I want to shoot and the team took complete precautions while shooting the video and it was great association and experience.”

The video was directed by Manan Karnik with cinematographer Pritesh Patel. Costumes were designed by Pema Rana. It has been shot with Gayle at the best of the locations of Dubai with the latest models of cars and bikes. And we can’t keep calm to see the final work and let Gayle twerk on the beats.

The Alliance Time team also includes Himanshu Sharma as a creative head, Yash Bhavani, Kushinagar Jain, Phul Pagar, Aniruddha Bhaskar, Alekh Kumar Parida, and Kunal Bafana.

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