Your Dream Life is One Manifestation Away

How many times have you been told that your dream was too big or felt too far away to grasp? Let me be the 1,000th person to tell you “if you can dream it/visualize it, you can have it.” We are all made of energy that has distinct powers to call forth everything you want and desire. Gone are the days of just wishing to live in luxury. So many of us are realizing this power and have actually been manifesting their reality unconsciously. 

You may have been introduced to manifesting your destiny as the “law of attraction,” however, Spiritual Coach and Best Selling Author, Lacresha Hayes, has introduced it to her clients as pure magic. If you actually think about it, it is magic. One day you’re dreaming and visualizing your future to the point you can smell the air around you while standing in your destiny, then next thing you know you’re standing in the exact moment. Pure Magic. I can attest to this prominent power because this was me manifesting my house, my life, and my career. 

If you have already tried manifesting your reality you’ll learn that it isn’t easy, but can be done. You will find moments where you actually feel like you are battling your natural instincts, but all you are really doing is totally shifting your thinking. This form of magic is as natural as breathing and is here to assist you in the very success that you desire and deserve. 

Former Minister turned Mystic, Lacresha Hayes, breaks down 5 life-shifting tips to help you manifest your dream life by incorporating it into your daily routine. 

Create visuals that represent your dream life.

We are very visual people. Most times, the very things we see we can materialize and hard print into our minds. You can start with creating a vision board, which has been proven to be a successful tool in dream life visualization. You can also print out photos and post them in areas you most frequent, i.e. the bathroom, your bedroom, your home office, etc. If you want to get even more exposure to your dream life, add these visuals to your screensaver (phone, computer, and television). These placements will increase the number of times you actually see your dream life.

Create an emotional connection with your desires.

Manifesting begins with your mind. However, when manifesting your visualization, your heart needs to process it as well. The heart has 1000x more magnetic power than the brain, which helps you feel exactly what you will feel the moment you arrive in your ideal life. Once you feel it in your heart, you’ll multiply your power of manifestation. 

Formulate affirmations and mantras that align with your desired direction in life.

Positive affirmations can shift the very way we process our realities and value ourselves. There is power in the very language we choose. So when formulating affirmations, make sure you are speaking in present tense, even when addressing blessings that are unseen. Do not include statements like “one day” or “I want”, or placing things in the future tense. You need to be affirmative and intentional in the very words you speak over yourself and your dream life. Statements like, “I AM wealthy and prosperous, constantly receiving passive income from all of my successful businesses.” can greatly impact the way you feel, think, and act on your dream life. 

Surround yourself with people and things related to how you want to live. Vibrations are contagious.

It’s important to choose your surroundings and create the atmosphere that you need around you to manifest your future. This could even be an act of manipulating your surroundings. For example, driving to your dream neighborhood and parking in front of your dream house as if you were already living there could gear you up for receiving this blessing. 

Change your musical choices for a while to align more with your desires.

Create a playlist that matches exactly what you are trying to manifest. If you are looking for love, you would need to avoid breakup songs all together. If you are trying to manifest money, stay away from love songs all together because you don’t want to put any energy there but harvest all your energy into your money-making ideas. Listen to songs like “Money” by Cardi B or “Boss” by Beyonce and Jay-Z, blast them as loud as you can,  and sing all the parts that resonate with you and the future you desire. The subwoofers and bass will transfer a heavy amount of energy that will amplify your magic. You can also listen to specific meditations that can be found on YouTube to transform your mind. 

All of these tips are intended to help you, but it will not shift your future if you aren’t consistent. Reprogramming your mind into a more fruitful reality takes constant action and dedication. 

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