Your Energy Is Your Best Asset; Here’s How Max Gloeckner Turned His Energy Into a High-end Asset

Energy is life.

Just like Albert Einstein once said; “life is like a piano, and what you get out of it depends on how you play it.” Well, the same can be said about energy. The energy you put into life has a lot to do with the outcome of events in your life.

To a large purview, your energy is the way you choose to see and respond to events, situations, people, and even yourself. Your energy is not something that ‘descends’ on you. It’s something that you choose, and that you constantly work on as well. 

Energy is many things at once. It is your attitude, your belief system, your mentality, your outlook, your demeanor, but overall, it is simply how you respond to life. 

How do you respond to life? How do you dissipate and balance your energy? What energy do you maintain when life comes hurling at you? It’s quite essential that you ask yourself all of these questions.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

It all starts from somewhere. You either have positive or negative energy in life. And oh well, maybe a bit of both worlds. When you’ve been able to point out the kind of energy you radiate, then you can be sure to either use that energy to acquire something (in case you’ve got a positive one), or you simply work towards having better energy.

For Max Gloeckner, he understands the essence of energy and the power that comes from that understanding of it. Gloeckner is a global top leader and founding member of Healy world, and he reveals that he began the path to success after he capitalized on his energy, and went in search of a deeper and meaningful life.

After having a successful career in real estate, he wanted to become something much more. 

One day, I remembered my urge to be not in the system but it then dawned on me that I still was a slave of the system. I often worked hard to make money, but only to blow the money and spend it on things I didn’t need. It gradually became a very strong feeling to look for something more meaningful and deeper in life. I became pulled towards spirituality and tried to ask questions I had never asked myself in order to get answers I had never received,” he recalls. 

Don’t Fight the Old Energy, Create a New One

You don’t have to struggle with changing your energy and outlook on life. If a cloth is torn, you don’t have to keep mending it. It simply means that it’s time for a new one. The same can be applied here. Tie up loose ends and apply some modifications to your daily life. 

Here are some tips to get started;

Positive Thinking and Self-Acceptance

Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind for they are weeds that strangle confidence.” – Bruce Lee

A positive mindset brings positive things. If you study history’s top achievers in sports (and business), you’ll discover that they are highly committed to positive thinking. And the only reason they’ve constantly imbibed in it is because it works.

In fact, researchers have found that positive thinking can increase the lifespan by 11-15%. Positive thinkers live healthier, have more energy, have more successful careers, make better decisions, and are more productive.

Try to avoid conflicts and unnecessary stress, because this will deplete your energy potential. And because of this, you have to learn to respond precisely to events and communicate constructively. You can achieve this by taking a walk from time to time, taking powerful deep breaths, and giving yourself nice treats. 

Meditation and Affirmations

Nothing gives you a more motivating and pulsating boost of healthy energy than a convenient space to find yourself and journey into your being. Meditating is like communicating with your soul and having an insight into aspects of your life that you’ve been oblivious to.

When you accept the whole of your being, edify, and affirm beautiful things into your existence, you become more self-aware and your self-esteem also takes a surge upward. This increases your belief in yourself and instills in you that you can do anything you set your heart out to do.

When this starts to happen, you’ll gradually see a shift in your universe. Coupled with an inflow of opportunities and an attraction of the right people in your path— resulting in a powerful energy flow. 

For example, through the power of affirmations and soul-journeying, Denzel Washington— an A-list Hollywood star, was able to get over his drinking problem and all other problems that were holding back his mind, body, and soul from achieving great things.  He was able to fortify his energy and pursue his true calling.

Make time for yourself, focus on positive events and emotions, and constantly express gratitude. These are indispensable ways to boost your energy.

Create a Balance

After finding guided ways to refurbish and fortify your energy, create a balance out of it all.

In his journey into life, Gloeckner was able to discover Healy— a frequency device that is attached to the body and helps to balance energy by tapping into the bioenergetic field, while analyzing and delivering optimum frequencies that can be used to work with energy. 

Gloeckner believes in energy and how it fundamentally has a significant role to play in people’s lives.

Finding what works best for you and striving for a balance from it is a vital part of your wellness, productivity, and success in life,” he alludes.

With this, we can all energize ourselves, thrive within our immediate environment, and reach our inner potentials.

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