Your Guide to Virtual Recruiting—How Can Your Organization Benefit?

virtual recruitment

In present days, HRD organizations are trying to shift from traditional assessment format to digital formats like a virtual assessment of candidates or employees. Now, the traditional assessment procedure for recruitment has been transformed into a virtual assessment process. Recruitment assessment centre may be explained as the centre where a large group of candidates are moved through activities and exercises as a selection process. Presently, virtual assessment centres focus on digital methods rather than the traditional format. Recruitment centres are very important to organizations as the methods applied by assessment centres are technical and methodical to find the suitability or eligibility of candidates for defined posts on jobs. 

Virtual Assessment Process

Nontechnical methods of assessment can lead to the wrong selection of candidates. This in turn may create loss to companies. The organizations will not get benefits out of it, but the salary has to be paid to the employees. Recruitment assessment centre offers a vast mode of testing in digital mode and the selection process is very technical. For different job posts, selection criteria are different. The Virtual assessment centre is developed due to pandemic COVID-19. Here, in this mode, no physical appearance is required and all the tests and activities are conducted online. The interviews, group discussions are conducted online to screen the top candidates qualified for the selected posts. Virtual assessment may include video interviews, video presentations, and psychometric tests for selection of recruitment process.

Handing Over the Charge of Recruitment

Large-scale type recruitment may require a definite Recruitment assessment centre for the perfect selection procedure. Individual and group tests may be conducted on a large group of candidates by virtual recruitment modes. Side by side, the companies also can conduct individual tests and interviews. Both modes of assessments may screen eligible candidates for defined posts of jobs. Large companies always hand over the charge of recruitment to another recruitment centre, so that process involved is perfect and technical.  The qualities required for defined posts will fit the specified candidates as defined by recruiters..

Virtual Method to Avoid Human Contacts  

Face-to-face interviews is vital parts of the recruitment procedure. It may include physical interviews or virtual mode of interviews. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, virtual interviews are given importance due to avoid contaminations of human contacts. Online video interviews may be conducted by replacing physical interviews. The Recruitment assessment centre will conduct competence involved tests or activities where large candidates are involved. Mettl is acting as a recruitment solution provider after blending the requirements for the defined posts and scales. The centre acts as a solution provider of blended virtual methods of tests and human talents. The centre is competent in the management of human talents in virtual mode. Mettl can offer solutions to large companies to meet recruitment needs.

Different Categories of Tests for Assessment

Mettl offers talent assessment tools for measuring personality, skills and ability of candidates as per needs of customers. Online assessment software may be customized by Mettl to fulfil requirements of organizations. The talent assessment tools include psychometric tests, coding tests, and aptitude tests. Besides these tests, Recruitment assessment centre conducts leadership tests, potential assessment tests, B2B sales potential assessment tests, B2C sales potential assessment tests, general mental ability tests, critical thinking tests, assessment tests for business analyst, data scientist analyst test, CSS and HTML assessment tests, core Java developer assessment tests.

The Hiring of a Perfect Recruitment Platform

The organizations can hire the integrated platform by Mettl for the recruitment process to find out perfect matches for defined posts. It will be perfect hiring as Mettl will use the best recruitment software for assessment tests as selection procedures. Mettl will use the platform with one data backed with integrated power of three systems. These are applicant management, online assessment, and online interviews with specified structures. This type of hiring is a very smart type with two discrete principles. These principles are structured recruitment procedure and talent measurement in precise form.

To Find a Depth of Knowledge of Candidates

The recruitment assessment centre is capable of measuring the depth and breadth of knowledge of candidates. This point is very vital as a pre-employment test. The particular posts of any organizations should be filled up with perfect eligible candidates. This, in turn, the organizations will be benefited as output from the employees will be high. This will make a turnover increase as well as profit. So, recruiting the right candidates is a tough job and it should be handed over to a professional Recruitment assessment centre. Presently, the professionals are using software to analyze the talent of candidates.

Different Types of Questions 

Type of questions will be of a diverse nature. The answers will reflect the talent with knowledge. The different type of questions will be of the following categories:

  • Multiple-choice questions 
  • Objective type
  • Case studies
  • Diagram based questions
  • Subjective writing
  • Fill in the blanks 

Wide varieties of questions will explore actual talent. Mettl will create analytical reports where all types of qualities will be explored. The organizations may hold some empty posts which may require specific talents to suit in. Therefore, the analytical report from the Recruitment assessment centre can fulfil the requirement of desired candidates. Online examinations are included in the recruitment process of Mettl. Various types of online examinations are organized by the Recruitment assessment centre. These are as follows:

  • Online test platform
  • Solutions for remote proctoring
  • Proctoring as service
  • Online Certification platform


Mettl offers a seamless platform for the recruitment process of candidates. They apply online software which is self-managed and applicants can be tracked easily. The Recruitment assessment centre applies well-managed software to conduct various online tests to explore the talents of candidates. Various types of questions are asked to find out the hidden talent of candidates. The organizations can hire a Recruitment assessment centre to find out eligible candidates for vacant posts. Recruitment assessment tests are elaborate and should follow a technical process. The recruitment assessment centre is the best option to hire for assessment tests to explore new talents to fill in vacant posts. 

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