Your Mess Becomes Your Message

Marisa has always been fascinated with people. Her sense of wonder in understanding all different walks of life by listening to people stories is what motivates her every day. Storytelling is one of Marisa’s favourite things to hear and do. She spends hours and hours listening to people who would share their stories because in some way there is always a connection in a personal story.

Marisa has spent hours watching videos listening to TEDTalks, listening to podcasts and audio books, joining small groups, joining Bible studies just immersing herself in hearing people stories. She says “Everyone has a story and every story matters. We are all created on purpose for a purpose.”

She continues; “I once heard a saying that just stuck with me and that was Your mess becomes your message. “

As a natural progression Marisa proceeded to immerse herself attending local and national events learning from those who have had the hardest lives, who have gone through the most difficult times, how to love after heartbreak, learning how conquer their biggest fears, how to create their dream when they have started with nothing and becoming a success story spending their days giving hope for those that might be in the same situation feeling at their lowest of times. She was moved beyond words. 

Marisa was very successful in real estate but felt very empty only serving in one way that being in real estate. She loved real estate but to her spreading kindness, hope and Gods Devine love for people that needed to be reached further than her current role. Reaching people at a level that was personal and deep in order to help give them hope, to see beauty within themselves because she herself had to be shown it is her purpose. She needed to move.

You see, Marisa has always believed kindness and love go hand in hand. She often reverts to a quote she heard from Mark Twain that states “kindness is the only language that the blind can see and that the deaf can hear”. 

Marisa always knew she had to be out there to share her true raw authentic self in order to help others. Marisa shares one story with us that she did not graduate from high school. That didn’t stop her. She is known for defining all the odds and making over half a million a year was just one. When no one believed in her she believed in her. She says she is no different than anyone it is a mindset that she developed through trials and tribulations that she was going to make it no matter what the odds are. 

Marisa says God gave her an understanding from when she was a little girl that she was going to face many trials in her life because there are a lot of people that will need her story and strength for them to know that there is hope and that no one is alone. 

Marisa lives and walks out every day of her life to give, to speak, to serve and to love. 

Marisa put all her savings and everything that she had worked so hard for into a program called The Takeaway. The Takeaway is a business model that shows there’s a takeaway in every situation we face in life so how have we applied it. The Takeaway supports different charities. This business had to be something that would go further than just the business and herself. 

Being a motivational speaker and being on stage with people like the co-founder of Jeff Hoffman, world renowned author and speaker Greg Reid, World renowned TEDx speaker Gary B. Dohertyand so many others she says is much more than her dream it is a must. She says we need more people to stand up and be 100% honest with their lives. To meet with the people, she looks up to that she now works with she had to find a way, thankfully by the grace of God, she was introduced to these people. Wherever there is a will there is a way and she is living proof.

Marisa knew she needed to become more creative to have her mess be her message, so she created a blog called “Wine Wednesday”. She partnered with One Hope Wine. 10% of any purchase goes to a charity, a charity of her choice. Wine Wednesday was the opportunity to give in all areas she is passionate about. Every week she picks a different charity to help support. There are also different messages whether it be hers or someone else’s in hopes to spread inspiration. 

She then started hosting business development classes with self-made billionaire Jeff Hoffman who co-founded and many other huge companies. Jeff has become a dear friend of hers who believes in her heart, her journey and her story. He is who she wants to be like when she grows up. He is her mentor, her dearest friend, one that trusts her and that knows her darkest moments and her brightest ones. 

What’s next for Marisa? She says the sky isn’t even the limit, the mind is the limit so we must think big, dream big, believe in oneself because the opportunities are endless with no boundaries on what we can achieve!

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