“Your Success Is Determined By Your Attitude, Priority And Determination”. Said Abhishek.

Dream are lovely but they don’t come true just because you dream them. there are lots of hidden struggle and failure but there is a secret opportunity inside every failure now it’s up to you how you take it; your passion, attitude and determination will make it change. One of the greatest examples of determination is “Abhishek Singh Rajput.”

As you all know how young talent has always held our head high, and spellbound people and the world through their pure talent immense passion for whatever they take in their hands. But even there are lots of people who know that what they want but they couldn’t gain the courage to do it. Then there are people like Abhishek who work hard and gives all their effort for his dream. He is one of the greatest example for youngster to be hardworking which is the only thing that creates change.

Stars are not made in one day, they go through a lot of hard work and here he is fighting for his dreams and working hard upon them. This 23-year boy has fought for his position at the forefront as the promising Singer, Composer, and also as a lyricist. He started his journey in Varanasi in the year 2010 he started his learning from Indian Idol Academy Varanasi, then he started participating in the competition of various colleges starting from KIT(Kashi Institute of Technology).

Varanasi Youth Fest in 2015, then after SMS, SR Group of Institutions, Shepa Institute and many more and the most astonishing thing was, he consecutively won 1st Prize in Kit and many more. He also took part in various State, District and National level Singing Competition and gave staggering performance.

In 2016 Abhishek started his learning under the great musician, Pandit Ganesh Prashad Mishra who is known for his Thumri Style of Singing and Banaras Gharana.

Not only in Varanasi but Abhishek made his footprints outside Varanasi also by winning various Singing Competitions which was held at IIIT Allahabad, IIT Roorkee, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur etc. The list of his achievements goes on, if we talk in numbers 9he has won more than 50 Competitions which also Includes Surtarang by Sangam Kala Kendra, Which is a National level Competition.

Well, this was just a trailer, his achievements are not just bound by competitions. He also created his own Composition ‘Janu Naa‘ in 2018, it is one of his famous songs. He has also done Cover songs ‘Naa tum jaano naa hum‘ and ‘Aahaten’. His one of the biggest achievement is that he has been successfully singing in many shows in Varanasi, Lucknow, Ranchi, Ahmedabad and so on and so forth, he has done more than 100 live shows.

Recently he is getting trained at T. Series Noida which is a famous music record label and film Production Company in India, You all must have listened to ‘Hai Junoon’, his cover of this song got viral on Instagram and got above 2 Million Views last year.Abhishek currently working on three very well

Anticipated composition ‘Tu Jo Nahi’,’Bas Tu Hi Tu’, And ‘Parindey Udd Chale’

Abhishek said that “Everyone should know their goal of life it helps you to set priorities and

Remain motivated and committed toward your dream”.Be positive and surround yourself with positive people. He is a great example for youth to not give up on your dream .success will come sooner or later.don’t let any thought stop you.


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