“You’re Not Wasting Your Time Dreaming” Shares Artist and Photographer, Kat Alyst

Kat Alyst

Some of the most successful people rewrite any of the rules they are given, or do not write at all… they fly. We took a trip to the clouds to gather insight with the “catalyst” who’s changing the definition of “entrepreneur” in her ever-changing generation.

 “This is a very layered topic, right? We are all born with different cards in our hands— different perspectives— different experiences. Some people are stacked with more Aces, some people can’t even play their hand. I don’t have all the answers, and never will. What I have learned though is anything can happen, and everyone deserves to follow their dreams… no matter what they’re stacking in their deck.”

It’s safe to say Alyst is a very busy person, with many job titles, roles, and always creating new projects, and one to watch this year, as she continues to rise. She is known for her surreal and vibrant art and photography, as well, has a natural presence online and in front of the camera.

Curious about her introductory statement and metaphor of holding cards, we were intrigued to know more of where Alyst was from. Her openness to answer was refreshing, and there were no “Smoke and Mirrors” here.

She shares about growing up in “the woods” with a natural energy that sparked curiosity and longed for more than what she saw in her environment around her. “I’m not sure where I was fully influenced, and just think it had to be tv or people speaking on the radio, and before podcasts and so much access,” she recalls. “It wasn’t until I met my best friend, that my sense of longing for more really felt like it made sense. We were called different most of our lives by the people around us, and picked on for being so, but I think together we had a newfound power and safety net we hadn’t recently experienced.”

Alyst encourages everyone to focus on what makes them different and expand on it to their advantage.

“Just start writing everything down you want to do,” she starts, “and if you don’t know what you want to do, write down everything you don’t want. I think all the quotes that sound cheesy by saying, ‘just start’, are right. But it’s just a matter of where you can start. That to me is the trickiest part. For me, it was finances… and if I’m being honest, sometimes it still is.”

Alyst shares that by starting “where you can” will take your further than you think. From there, doors will start to open. She said, “But if they don’t open, don’t be afraid to build your own door. There’s another way, sometimes it’s just not as easy to see, and I still have to remind myself of that too.”

 Successful people can follow tips for the best ways of success, or just make their own way, and that’s exactly what this artist is doing. “Don’t be pressed in your timelines, because anything at anytime can happen, and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Maybe you don’t know why yet, but you will. We also all have gifts, but when to tap in and share them, is solely up to our own experience. I’m not sure if I’m wrong or right when I say, share now… no matter where you are in life.

 Being predominately portrait photographer, Alyst is a natural lover of people and sees the beauty in everyone. “We are all on a rock floating through space. There is room for everyone to be in their selected industry, and where things are shifting, they aren’t always changing fast enough.

It’s important we vouch for those people we believe in, because at some point someone vouches for you, and we just need to really continue sharing good energy, and speaking up for what’s right,” she passionately tells us. “Living our truths and creating whatever our ‘art’ is— it can be anything from pictures to numbers— if it’s true for you, you should tap in however possible. Not only will you be helping others in some way around you… you’ll set yourself free.”

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Photos courtesy of the artist. Assist: Edgar Patino (@eddy.mp4), Hair by Hannah Jordan (@griddytiddy_does_hair)

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