Cryptocurrencies have been a growing trend recently. With more and more regular individuals getting into cryptocurrency, it isn’t that uncommon to be among the emerging market of cryptocurrency investors. However, creating a cryptocurrency is another story.

Meet Youssof Altoukhi, the world’s youngest cryptocurrency entrepreneur and creator. Youssof was raised in London, United Kingdom. With many dabbles in the business world at ages such as seven years old where he would sell custom phone cases. At the young age of ten, he began his investment journey in the stock world.

At the age of 12 Is when he hit the jackpot with his chain of drop shipping businesses. Later that year is when he started experimenting in the cryptocurrency market. In a recent interview, he stated he learned about cryptocurrencies due to the fact he liked the concept of passive income. When he learned about the concept of mining, this is when he got involved in his first cryptocurrency, Z Cash.

However, Youssof stated he was always the type of person to create in the industry. Not to consume. At the young age of 15 years old, the teenager began creating his first cryptocurrency, Y Coin ($YCO). It aims to solve the inequality in the crypto governance space.

Governance is the process of voting for changes to a cryptocurrency; the issue is that the current structure favors the more significant cryptocurrency holders, creating a large voting power imbalance.

Y Coin aims to solve this by introducing democracy into the cryptocurrency space with its flagship application, the Y Hub, which will include many major game-changing features. Following this, Youssof went viral after a Forbes tweet mentioned his accolades.

Youssof Altoukhi has also stated his interest in getting involved in numerous other businesses, such as the clothing industry, which he has attempted in the past. He has stated he isn’t certain what he will do after completing the Y Hub, yet one thing for sure is that this young genius is going places.

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