Youth Entrepreneur and Musical Artist: How George Pham Built his Online Empire

George Pham

George Pham is a successful Entrepreneur and a well-known Lo-fi beats Musical artist. He is also known as the George Edwin Pham as this is his professional name. He was born in the year 2006 in New Zealand and spent his life there. His father lives in Australia, but he lived with his mother in New Zealand. After graduating at the age of just 14, he started pursuing his passion for business and making music. His passion is online marketing. George started watching online videos of marketing on social media to know how to get started. YouTube is his inspiration for a good online platform. His mind is all about fashion, style, and design so he used his creativity and started selling clothes, shoes, and lifestyle products that give him a lot of benefits.

Pham is an Entrepreneur by profession, but he is also enjoying his journey as a Musician. He is attending the Roncalli College in New Zealand and is also pursuing his career as a musician. He Is a lo-fi beats artist. He is a confident guy with great communication skills so he knows how to treat and deal with others in life. He discovered ideas about the music and started working on it. He is truly a motivation as an entrepreneur as well as a musician, influencing many people through his music and producing new beats. All the happiness, sadness, success, failure all are balanced by the music. Music gives him a new life and a new journey.  He expresses all his emotions, feelings, and hardships through music in a very beautiful way. He shares his feelings with people in the form of lyrics and music. He is really passionate about music so in his free time, he spends most of his time working on music. He takes notes of all the reviews on his music and works on it. He devoted his life to music and business even from his childhood at the age when kids even don’t know what they will do for the future and what will be in the future.


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