Youtube Villain Zack Bernardez Talks His Unconventional Path To Success

Zack Bernardez feels misunderstood. Last year the YouTuber became a villain after multiple “roasts” on him by large youtubers, such as Atozy and Nixxiom, for his video “DROPOUT”. Bernardez told us that “he is becoming frustrated that people don’t see the real him — just the pieces of him from the past being immature.”

Yes, he may be known for his outlandish YouTube persona, and his Rockstar House may have been criticized by his city’s mayor for throwing numerous out of control parties during the pandemic, but he’s also trying to do good things, he says, like inspire his viewers to follow their dreams no matter what the rules tell them to do.

So tell me about the Rockstar House. To start, what even is the Rockstar House?

“The Rockstar House is an influencer marketing based content house used for events and content creation. We would sublease rooms in a Hollywood Hills home out to influencers we believed were monetizable long term, using the common space for events and filming.

The only problem was that, due to our large and frequent events, we were always under the constant pressure of eviction.”

I’m curious what YouTube’s role is in your career right now. You still release videos regularly. But you’ve been saying that you want to focus on becoming a clothing designer and a musician.

“Youtube is just one of my creative outlets. Right now it is my largest platform resulting from the blowback of the Atozy videos. I am telling a life story and longform content on youtube is definitely the most effective way to start it.

In the end my vision is to tie my music, clothes, events and videos together into a thriving personal brand that teaches tomorrow’s youth that they don’t need to follow a conventional life plan.

I am using my youtube narrative and publicity to make a movement out of my clothing and music. It all gives off the same vibe of not caring about society’s rules and following your dreams.

You get an enormous amount of hate online. How do you deal with all of it mentally?

“People forget that I’m human, and that I’m 20 years old. I’m just a normal kid working to accomplish his dreams, and it’s easy to mess up when everyone is watching,” Bernardez told uson a Zoom call from his bedroom of his Hollywood Hills mansion.

“You wake up with twenty hate comments in your notifications ranging from: you suck, to kill yourself, it puts a mental toll on you. It makes you wonder if they’re right sometimes. But it’s all part of the job’” Bernardez said.

And yet, Bernardez is back to creating content. He has been garnering press for his upcoming youtube series “The Bernardez Cut”. The series recaptures Zack’s entire Los Angeles story from moving to LA to starting a company to the dramatic end to his Rockstar House. “It is inspired by Zack Snyder’s “The Snyder Cut “”, it tells a much deeper and honest story and is edited in a different style”.

The series transitions Bernardez’s youtube story to his upcoming pop punk EP, “Hollywood Demons” and his clothing line, Rockstar Lifestyle Garments. Whether it be working on his next content house or whatever else this content creator can think of, we are excited to see what Zack Bernardez can pull off next!

You can follow him on Instagram & YouTube.

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