YouTuber Dezmen Horne Stresses on the Importance of a Fit & Active Lifestyle

YouTuber Dezmen Horne Stresses on the Importance of a Fit & Active Lifestyle

A footballer growing up and a fitness enthusiast today, YouTuber Dezmen Horne didn’t need to go looking for or acquiring a new skill to make his name. He just had to share the advantages of being fit, a trait he had learned to master growing up. Today, he has over 100K followers on Instagram and has received the YouTube felicitation silver plaque. For him, being fit is more than vanity. It’s a way of living.

Talking about the science of happiness, Dezmen says, “Exercise has been linked to biochemistry. We feel good when we exercise. It’s good for the body and it’s good for the mind. It’s one of the best ways to add years to your life. But fitness is not limited to physical exercise. It’s an all-expansive activity that influences your food habits, dietary levels, sleep patterns, and overall sense of well-being. As a promoter of a fit and healthy lifestyle, I try not to delude people into thinking that they must avoid stress at all costs. It’s difficult and I know it. The truth is, we must cultivate mental habits that make dealing with life’s uncertainties easier.”

For Dezmen, being active is a matter of choice, not place. Says he, “An active lifestyle in my opinion is one where you spend quality time inside the gym, but that’s not the end of it. That’s just the starting point. You need to use your newly acquired fitness levels to improve your work-game, domestic-game, parenting-game, and partner-game. If you think of the gym as the only place to exercise your muscles, you will fail to reap the allied benefits. Exercising should teach you the power of rest, work, rhythm, self-estimation, and self-worth – ideas that define who we are.”

Health is a state of mind indeed. And it can be cultivated with a bit of influence and lots of desire for personal growth.

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