YouTuber Dilpreet Kohli Wants to Start His Own Company That’ll Help Content Creators Grow

Creativity always attracts people. If one is able to express the same through their work, people start admiring them. Dilpreet Kohli is one such creative mind who is ruling hearts with his YouTube videos. Today, there are millions of YouTubers. But not everyone is able to strike a chord with people. But that’s not the case with Kohli.

With his funny and relatable content, Kohli has managed to build a huge and loyal fan base for himself. With every video, his subscribers increase and his videos show immense growth and reach. It all started with a Facebook video that made Kohli famous.

Kohli’s video called ‘Are we really a Singh’ went super viral on the internet. The video received more than a million views. People followed him and that gave Kohli more confidence to create such unique content and win more and more people’s trust with time. When he started doing such hilarious video that had a big connectivity factor with fans, he started climbing the ladder or success. Then there was no turning back. He has 50 millions views all on his social media posts so far.

Today, he is one of the top content creators in the country. While a lot of Youtubers have also switched to being Instagram influencers, that isn’t something Kohli feels interested in. He says that while they all are good creators, they’re not 10 out of 10s. His main focus is working with top brands on his YouTube channel that will help for a wider and greater reach.

Kohli says that when a creator decides to collaborate with a company or a brand, they should be able to understand the content. He says that even companies look after creators who have more subscribers but the desired outcome is not always satisfactory. According to Kohli, one must be aware of their strong points and area of interests and showcase their creativity and uniqueness to build a stronger audience.

Soon, Kohli is going to start his own company for content creators. He wants to help creators grow just like him so that they are approached by big brands and they can also climb the ladder of success while also entertaining the masses

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