YouTuber Franklin Seeber: From Founding RAWW Fishing to Scaling It into a Leading YouTube Channel

These days, it is not easy to get a major fan following. With YouTubers everywhere finding several avenues to boost ratings, finding something fresh and exciting is proving to be quite difficult. When YouTuber Franklin Seeber began his YouTube channel, he wasn’t sure people would be interested. For him, it was just his passion. But, as it turned out, thousands of people around the world now head for YouTube to watch his videos.

Franklin developed a love for the care and nurture of animals at a very young age. “I realised much early in life that I didn’t want to finish school if I had a choice. I wanted to become a zookeeper. The inspiration for my dream was Australian Zookeeper and Television Personality Steve Irwin. He has had a huge impact on my life,” said Franklin. When he was diagnosed with ADHD growing up, it seemed like he had made the right decision as far as his studies were concerned. He could now pursue his dreams. “My dad and I used to hunt and fish a lot together, so I decided to just film that and post it on YouTube,” added Franklin. He set up the channel RAWW Fishing and started taking videos of his activities while fishing and hunting. He ended up with many hours’ worth of vlogs, clips, and videos which he posted to his RAWW Fishing channel. Pretty soon, he was also making money from ads on his channel.

“I have Steve to thank for my success, not to mention my friends and family. Many of my videos are about promoting awareness about the environment and about taking care of animals and sea life,” added Franklin. Today, he has over 500 million active viewers watching his videos from around the world. The money from the YouTube channel went into investing for better equipment, efficient marketing, and into the making of more quality videos. It took him a few months to reach the 100,000 subscriber mark. “Getting a Play Button was my dream come true. Soon, I had also achieved my YouTube Play button when I reached a million subscribers,” said Franklin. The next step is reaching over 10 million subscribers.

Franklin’s dreams of raising the profile of RAWW Fishing have been very successful. Thanks to his dreams, he can now spread awareness about the beauty of nature and the care of its wildlife much like the man who influenced Franklin – Steve Irwin.

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