Yulia Foxx Emphasizes the Importance of Social Media in Her Journey to the Top

Social media is a place where opportunities dance. It has blurred boundaries and helped people express themselves in ways our not-so-distant ancestors wouldn’t have thought possible. All in all, social media is where the future and structure of our world is taking shape.

Model Yulia Foxx has used social media to make success come home. With 480K followers on Instagram, she has turned her career around with creativity, imagination, and a will to create content that is admired by her legion of loyal fans. In this article, she emphasizes the importance of social media in her journey to the top.

Talking about the sense of freedom social media provided her, Foxx recalls, “It gave me a sense of control. I could make mistakes, learn from them, make decisions, and interact with my followers as I wished. So I formulated and experimented with different strategies initially and found the most effective ways to create and deliver my content. This sense of control also provided me with a sense of responsibility and self-discipline. And these lessons I take with me beyond the digital space.”

One of the most fantastic perks of social media is it cuts down the waiting period between your content and its reception. For Foxx, “this made it easier to curate my content to the requirements of my followers. Their instant comments and feedback played a huge role in helping me create content that they’d wish to see and appreciate.”

Her fans are her top priority and the soul of her work; she says, “Connecting with my fans is the fuel that drives me. Thanks to social media, I can receive quick feedback and encouraging thoughts from my fans, which lifts me every time I feel tired or demotivated. It straightens me out to know that people are waiting to see what I have to share. Their instant love keeps the fires of my imagination lit.”

Talking about the utility of social media during the pandemic,she says, “While these positives of social media were clear to me right from the beginning, their true essence was revealed during the pandemic. With all other vistas and avenues that were closed, social media had become the one go-to place for all requirements. It was during the lockdown, more than ever before, that I truly understood and appreciated the power of technology and what it can make possible.”

Social media is here to stay and grow. And those who can match steps with its technological and conceptual advancements are sure to find unprecedented levels of success.

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