Yuliana Grasman Proves Herself as the Top Car Racer in the Industry

Yuliana Grasman also called Juliana Grasman or “Afra” in the car racing world has inspired so many with her success and triumph in the racing world. Being a woman in the car racing world is a tough one, but she has been able to make a name for herself in a male-dominated world. It has always been her childhood dream to race in cars and now she pursues it relentlessly. She remains an inspiration to so many women who still struggle to follow their passion. Yuliana is based in UAE, Dubai.

Yuliana Grasman is not only famous for her car race victories, but she is also a celebrity in the entertainment world. Being a woman of multiple talents has earned her roles in various movies with other top actors such as Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. She’s also a filmmaker and a model and has starred in different music videos and short films.

She also has a poetry collection containing poems exploring her love for her car and her devotion to the racing sport. You can get a copy on Amazon. She also plans to publish a motivational book that will inspire other persons to actively pursue their dreams and achieve success despite the odds.

At just eleven years, Yuliana started pursuing her passion for cars. Becoming a car racer wasn’t easy for her at all as she struggled with different restrictions from her family. Despite the frustrations and the challenges, she has turned out to be an iconic racer and she owns the Nissan Patrol “Black Edition” a symbol of resilience and success.

Entering into the male-dominated racing world was a difficult thing to do, but Yuliana was ready to fight her way through and she persevered until she got to where she is right now. She has participated in different races and rallies as well, some of which include Rally Samuryk, Time Attacks, Rally 24 hours, Ice Competitions, UAQ, In Umm al Quwain, etc.

Her passion for cars has made her the first woman ever to drift with 4 x 4 in freestyle competitors. As a car racer, she has won numerous gold medals and podiums in her short time in the racing world. Yuliana Grasman is an emerging motorist in the UAE region and she remains an inspiration to so many women, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and goals relentlessly.

Her use of the Nissan car brand has earned her the indisputable role, with her love and loyalty to Nissans, especially the Nissan Patrol model, where never else seen, she is Nissan Patrol Queen!

She has immortalized the Nissan car by becoming the only woman to have won the championship and also the only competitor to have made use of the 4×4 in the competition.

The UAE champion has achieved this double milestone in the sports and has made a new record in drift competitions using her Nissan Patrol.

The journey has not been all smooth for Afra. She once had an accident in the middle of a competition and had to spend some time recovering from the injuries she sustained. It was not her only car, she owned white nissan Patrol which was big fatal failure for her and she was not accepted anywhere, even in garages to build her car! The Black Edition was the second Nissan she owned, and painted it into black she lost in big accident , the car was taken by force with one guy, who run away after the crush and left her with injuries and car was cancelled. She suffered serious damages also.

After spending some time recovering, she came back louder and she proved her power and will ! It brought back many racers who had an accident to the sport back , they were inspired with her story and it touched many people’s heart! She fought hard to return to the racing game which she so much loved, and then went on to become the drift champion. Her black Nissan Patrol has been well restored to ideal condition and she has used it to enjoy some of her biggest competitive success. She used the Nissan Patrol to win the 4×4 drift championship in the United Arab Emirates, becoming the only woman who ever done through the world history. From that time on, the Nissan Patrol is now recognized as the Black Edition and is now a symbol that signifies dedication and triumph.

Juliana has inspired so many with her success in a male-dominated sport. She now focuses on providing support and assistance to young women and men who wish to enter the automotive world. She has also created the Black Edition Club, a community named after her famous car. The membership is opened to people who are passionate about cars and racing sport, and want to interact with others; sharing their knowledge, experience and supporting one another. Despite the young age of the club, it now has different international members who were attracted by Yuliana’s passion and enthusiasm. Afra and her Nissan Patrol is now an internationally recognized symbol.

Yuliana, aka Afra, is now called the 4×4 Drift Queen of the World due to her perseverance and persistence despite the initial challenges she encountered. Her message is one of hope and inspiration to anyone who encounters it.

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