Yung Dub D Recently Released Another Song Hush Featuring Vinnie Bones

Yung Dub D

Fan of Yung Dub? Your wait is over; the new awaited song ‘Hush’ has been released on April 17 on YouTube with an official music video. The song featuring another great artist Vinnie Bones has sure made the song worth listening to. Both the singers have given all their hard work to compose the perfect rap piece.

The song opens with Yung Dub lyrics with smooth light smokey music in the background. In the second half, Vinnie Bones takes the place of Yung Dub and sings his part. Overall, the track is simple but gives crooked vibes; worth listening to.

Yung Dub D is a modern generation rapper, struggling to become the next top of the industry. The new talent in the rapping industry has always been able to amaze the world. Yung Dub D is doing the same to raise the name of hometown Dallas, Texas.

About Yung Dub D

Yung Dub D; an unusual name sure it is. What is the reason? We asked his fans and he said:  “I came up with Yung Dub D because I am a Double of my father who passed away when I was six years of age. Even though he was deceased I know he is still with me in my journey. I feel like my first name should have been Donald. Moreover, my middle name is Dewon so that’s where Dub D comes in!”

Yung Dub D’s Work 

Yung Dub is a young artist who managed to come on screen to show his rapping skills to the world and gained a lot of attention. It shows that he has courage and determination. The fact that he used to go to a local studio to practice his skills also tells he is a hard worker. He began his career by creating mixtapes of his favorite songs.

After enough practice, he released his first song ‘Driver’ which received a lot of appreciation from the community. There are still some who criticized him but we all know that haters gonna hate him. Ignoring the negative comments and adoring the positive gratitude from the audience, he released back-to-back tracks i.e., Core, Put it all on me, I agree, In my head, What you gon call an Alligator Lizard. All of his songs obtain hundreds of streams on Spotify and some other online channels.   

One of his special and most listened to songs is Core. The reason it got hit was its highly energetic music beats and rhythmic melody. “When I recorded Core I actually did not have anything written down at the time. I did have some of the hooks stuck in my head, which were the first two lines. After the second line, I started going with the flow!”  

As Yung Dub D, a childhood fan of music, he admired the musical celebrities of the time. Although he respects all artists, he named three personalities very specifically.

He said: “My top three musical influences would be Michael Jackson because he is the greatest of all time and very talented. Stevie Wonder because he is a musical genius and his songs express different moods and Lil Wayne because whatever was done he tries to make a better version and be very competitive.”

Final Verdict 

The young artist is doing amazing work from the beginning. He has already gained more than 39k followers on Instagram. He will gain more popularity as there is a whole future ahead upon him to become a star.

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