Yung Gecko: Rising Hip Hop Sensation of 2021

It is so surreal to know and learn about all those people who have strived to be a class apart from others in their chosen industries. These individuals have tried to give in their best and earn a unique place for themselves in their respective fields. The music industry of the US is one where new musical talent is born each passing day and is also known as the breeding ground of hip hop artists. One such name that has been doing exceedingly well as a hip hop artist is Yung Gecko, who has gained great momentum even amidst so much competition through his unique and foot-tapping tracks.

The kind of talent that Yung Gecko has shown so far in the hip hop music industry, one can imagine the level of feats this youngster is capable of achieving. He is an emerging name in the vast hip hop music industry, originating from Torrington, Connecticut. He released songs named “Time” and “Spain” last year in November and December. These songs have gone ahead in creating a deep impact on the listeners; the proof is the growing numbers of streams of both the songs, which is now nearing 1 million streams each.

Speaking about not yet signing any label, Yung Gecko says that he feels signing a label means giving the control to the music company over one’s creation. He says music labels often take advantage of the artist’s talents for their own gains. Being an independent artist also has its pros and cons, but Yung Gecko says at least it offers full royalties allowing artists to reinvest their earnings back into their projects.

Yung Gecko is truly immersed in his love for creating music and works from the confines of his home, from where he also gains his inspiration. Learning each day and creating something unique has given him a special status in the hip hop and rap industry. He also feels that currently, TikTok can help musicians and singers reach the next level in the industry. With billions of users on the app, it has paved the way for many artists to gain their desired prominence.

This young hip hop and rap artist wants to utilize ad optimize TikTok to gain greater engagement for the music and the content he creates.

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