Yusuf Yolasan Stresses the Need for Giving Back to the Community Amidst the Pandemic

Nothing brings humanity together like a shared crisis. This apocalyptic coming together was previously limited to those close to one in the past. Cut to today, and the internet has let our humanitarian spirits rise higher than ever.

Now we have the chance to reach out to larger communities, and to extend help to people beyond borders. And this is precisely what, real estate professional Yusuf Yolasan stresses on as he encourages people to give back to the community amid the pandemic.

The Covid-19 virus has shown far more resilience than experts had predicted or hoped. As the virus mutates into its second and third variants, it poses many challenges for the coming days.

From manufacturing vaccines to updating health infrastructure and stalling the spread of misinformation, it’s all in a day’s work for health officials, entrepreneurs, governments, and experts.

To help shoulder the burden, Yolasan believes, “each one of us can do our bit by donating money, time, and energy in relief work. It’s our unity against the resilience of the virus. And all positive work at any level, whether at home or in the hospital, will contribute to making things better.”

To do this, I always encourage people to guard their emotions, and not give in to the fright that media channels tend to create. Instead of getting emotionally seduced and mentally paralyzed, we need to stand for those who will need our presence of mind and courage. I truly believe that our conduct in crisis can inspire others and change things for the better.

Communities across the world are facing a threat. From lost jobs to lost family members, the pain of the pandemic has been felt globally. And as Yolasan suggests, this is indeed the time to leave behind prejudices and come forward to help others.

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