Zaf Baker and the Shuttle Life: Why Modern Entrepreneurs are Opting to Live and Work Across Multiple Time Zones

It is often said that business never sleeps and with the speed of the internet and the connectivity that social media offers, this is more true than ever before. It cannot be denied that the way that we do business in the 21st-century is very different than what it was before. The easiest way that this can be explained is the fact that more and more businesses are being connected across the world and the average business’s customer base is not limited to a single geographical area. 

This change has been seen in the habits of entrepreneurs as many more are choosing to live and work across multiple time zones and not be limited to a single one. Take Zaf Baker, for example, an international property developer who lives between Dubai and London and is also known for traveling to other destinations such as Paris and Milan. His jet-set lifestyle might appear to be glamorous, but it is indicative of how many modern entrepreneurs are living across time zones for a number of reasons.

1. Innovation

The world is a diverse place and so are the businesses and opportunities that exist around it. Some businesses might thrive in a place like Los Angeles for example, and others might be more thriving in London. However, is a business person is limited to one single city, they are also likely limited to the opportunities that exist in that city. However, if an entrepreneur makes a home in multiple locations, they are able to invest in multiple businesses as well as become aware of the opportunities that exist around the globe. This is one of the biggest and most obvious benefits to living across different time zones especially for an entrepreneur. For example, Baker began his entrepreneurship as a car dealer before entering real estate and now owns property around the world.

2. Access to business locations

Besides the potential business ideas one can get from living from different time zones, there is also the need to have access to these business locations as well. For example, Baker runs a car dealership as well as a property business in London. By living in both cities, he is able to access his offices in multiple cities as opposed to one. If this were not the case, one would have to run their businesses in different locations through a third-party and this can lead to problems in the future. If an entrepreneur wants to run multiple businesses in multiple places, it is important that they establish physical locations in both places that they can access at any time. 

3. Culture and entertainment

Business aside, another benefit to living across multiple time zones is the simple fact that you have access to different locations as well as all the things that come with it. This includes nightlife, entertainment, food, and so on. Each city has its own unique culture and there are benefits to living in more than one location simply because it can prove to be a more enjoyable experience. Making new friends, visiting new places with ease, and overall experiencing all that a different city or country has to offer is an invaluable experience. Baker lives between Africa, Europe, and the Middle East and thus, gets to experience different cultures at the same time.

This also means that you can learn multiple languages, live in different climates depending on the time of the year and have a wider array of life experiences. This is particularly important if you are an entrepreneur with young children who can expand their horizons and possible future opportunities in the process as well. 

4. Networking

Many businesses thrive on networking and connections to important people to get ahead. This sort of networking can be done much easier if a business owner travels or lives between multiple locations. For example, Baker has been photographed with some famous friends such as Manchester city star Sergio Agüero recently. Baker also counts global superstars like Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema, and World champion Vasyl Lomachenko and Nick Jonas. Baker has been spotted with these stars on red carpets and exclusive events around the world.

These sorts of connections can be invaluable for a business and yet another benefit of living the shuttle life. After all, you will likely meet more people when you travel around as opposed to staying in one place. 

The shuttle life might certainly seem glamorous from the outside but it reflects the changing entrepreneurship culture and offers a world of benefits for those who wish to take advantage of it. Whether traveling between cities or gaining citizenship between countries, every business person can stand to benefit from the shuttle life.

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