Zain Worldwide – All Those Memories

Zain Worldwide

Zain Worldwide brings to you his brand new single ‘All Those Memories’ all set to release on Friday 16th July 2021.

Zain Worldwide a raw talent straight out of the streets of London, with a number 1 single Tere Naam which was released on the biggest Bollywood Platform, T-Series earlier this year.

After a number of solid releases, Zain is now becoming of the most talked-about Asian artists over social media. He has a big fan following from all corners of the world from The UK to America to India, Pakistan & all the way across to Australia!

His new single ‘All Those Memories’ which is releasing in a few weeks is an R&B/Soul fused with Punjabi type song. The story of the video is about a boy who loved his ex-girlfriend but decided that she needs to leave him, for him to be left all alone. He seeks freedom from his pain by visiting the club, drinking and smoking, and getting close with the bartender however he is unable to erase his ex-girlfriend from his mind.

He becomes overwhelmed and angry and finds that the only way he can erase ‘All Those Memories’ of her is by actually burning her away from his mind. This song is based on a true story.

All Those Memories is on course to make noise around the music scene and it is a release that is not to be missed!

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