Zane Hubbard: The Driving Force for Ironbeard Films

How does a moment last forever? Well, you take a video of it, of course.  A video, in many ways than one, leaves a lasting impression. It’s a piece of art that can be revisited as a reminder of happy times or special moments. The quality of the video tends to be just as important as the subject and in order to have a quality production, one must take into consideration all aspects of the production process from editing to filming. Ironbeard Films prides itself on being just that, a one stop production company with all the fixings.

Ironbeard Films excels in finely combining the best production techniques needed for the tasks at hand. Staying up to date with all the trends ranging from editing styles and angles, their experience in the field as well as attention to detail is unmatched. Experience is second nature to them as their founder, Zane Hubbard, has experience in both in front and behind the camera.

Zane prides himself in researching the project at hand and providing it with the proper materials and techniques required. Educated in the ways of motion pictures, Zane’s background in directing has also enriched his view of motion and how they translate through the camera. Ironbear Film provides a full scale production team that has escalated the standards of what filmography is and should be.

Whether it’s a full fledged movie or something more intimate, Ironbeard Films is dedicated to capturing every moment and fine tuning it to exceed client’s expectations. Using cutting edge technology to back up their promises, Ironbeard Films holds an arsenal of talents and equipment to provide the best possible footage as well as editing. Using the raw footage taken on site, Ironbeard Films then uses the materials given and turns them into works of art.

Having a long reference sheet of exemplary work, Ironbeard Films promises to deliver crystal clear final results as well as a promise to quality. Having experience in the field of filmography, there is no project too big or too small for Ironbeard Films to handle. Catering to an array of needs, the skies the limit when it comes to productions.

Located in Burbank, California; Ironbeard Films has access to the best technique the movie industry has to offer. Ranging from lights to recording equipment, it’s no surprise that they have it all covered. Striving for excellence is second nature when it comes to the directing method of Zane Hubbard. At Ironbeard Films, the job’s only done when it has met the satisfactory needs of the clientele and not a moment sooner.

With the recent disaster of Covid-19, Ironbeard Films was forced to persevere though not without some setbacks. But Zane Hubbard realized what needed to be done and took the necessary safety precautions to not only ensure the safety of his crew, but to provide the quality of work that his clients have come to expect. It’s that kind of drive and dedication that has made Ironbeard Films the success that it is today with a popular series and a string of success movies productions under its belt.

Ambition and drive can be expected when working with the team at Ironbeard Films. While the location in Burbank is kept busy, Zane Hubbard is looking towards the horizon. Setting sights on opening a second location in Atlanta, GA, the services of Ironbeard Films can reach an once untouched market for Zane Hubbard.

Starting in 2016, Zane Hubbard built Ironbeard Films into what it is today. Dedicating his time and energy to producing and directing, Zane’s unique vision and perspective blossomed Ironbeard Films into what it is today. A genuine passion for the motion arts paired with the knowledge and experience of someone in the field, Zane Hubbard takes in every aspect of the project at hand, the clients preferences, and the best method for a pristine picture. It is this drive that has made client satisfaction synonymous with Ironbeard Films and it is with the help, experience, and driving force that has made Zane Hubbard the success story he is today.

Zane used his beginnings of directing plays in highschool to build Ironbeard Films into what it is today. Implementing his discoveries along the way and teaching others, Zane’s method has proved fruitful in what can only be described as an Ironbeard Film.

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