Zeal to Become the Best Search Engine Optimizer By Ajay Damraliya

Entrepreneurship is something that very few could master, and no one knows this better than Ajay Damraliya. Ajay is one of the youngest entrepreneurs who have proven that a person’s passion can drive him to success. Back in 2012, when he started his first site with his friends as partners, he had no idea about the fact that “sites could help one to earn a decent figure constantly if it’s done in the right way.” However, as he belonged to a computer engineering background, he did not understand the basic design and server setup concepts. So, he started researching stuff in the right direction and started his journey with a small step of “Helping people by sharing knowledge on his blogs.”

In 2013, when Ajay Damraliya got admission to Birla Vishwakarma College of Engineering in Vallabhvidyanagar, he started upgrading his surfing skills on the internet. Today’s latest technologies and sites demanded the use of WordPress, Magento, and OpenCart. Unfortunately, the education curriculum didn’t include this information, and hence he to step up his game and learn independently. He mastered creating sites with time and WordPress with time and experience, customizing plugins & themes, creating required custom code, and what not!

Gradually, Ajay Damraliya started connecting with like-minded people on social media networks. Connecting with these people who’ve already achieved those positions was no less than a dream for him. He got an idea about Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing, and he started his first site focusing on solving programming related queries. After that, he began giving efforts to rank these sites on google for his targeted terms. On Ajay’s first blog, he started receiving some traffic from search engines, and he cherished this achievement by establishing another site on a different subject. Still, he was unaware that these sites could be monetized by displaying ads from AdSense and many other networks.

Then, he got in touch with Mayur Sojitra, and Ajay got to know about Event Blogging for the first time. As he was clear his ambition, his zeal kept him moving towards it. He started his first Even Blog during Holi’s festive season, and he succeeded in ranking this very first blog after putting tremendous efforts to bring a lot of traffic on his site on the day of Holi. Well, this time, he had also monetized his site with AdSense, and his first payment was $112. Today he has managed to gain a lot of traffic & success. He visions a future where he has created several sites that benefit people and drives Ajay towards his goals.

Moreover, Ajay Damraliya decided to pursue his entire career in Search Engine Optimization, Blogging & Digital Marketing. With his family’s support, he started a full-fledged company in Surat named Maruti Web Solution.

Initially, Ajay started building sites for clients & every day, he devoted a few hours to his new sites. With time and knowledge, he started getting success on his blogging ventures and ranked places on almost all Indian festive occasions.

He learned stuff on other verticals of blogging with time, including micro niche sites, affiliate marketing, niche blogging, etc. And, he started his sites in almost all verticals & ranked every site.

In the year 2016-17, he got to know about the phrase “Flipping.” It means creating sites, ranking them & then selling them for profit. He sold more than 15 sites in 2 years & earned a decent five figures in dollars. He’s currently holding many sites in his pocket and earning four figures in dollars every month from its monetized methods. With experience, Ajay realizes that he is made for Entrepreneurship. Hence, he knows that people who buy his sites would need his help to rank these sites even higher. So, he converts the majority of his buyers into long term SEO clients. We all zeal for being the best Search Engine Optimizer will drive him to Triumph.

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